In the thick of a Kiwi winter, what could be better to knit than some delightful warm socks? They’re useful, they can often be finished quickly, and many patterns come with interesting complexity. And if you’re tired of knitting warm socks for winter, you can dream of spring and summer by knitting lovely, light, lacy socks for the warmer days ahead. Below find 8 great free sock knitting patterns, plus 5 exceptional books with patterns to give you the sock wardrobe you’ve always wanted.

Free Sock Knitting Patterns

Sprouting sock pattern by Beata Jezek of Hedgehog Fibres


Sprouting (PDF download link) by Beata Jezek of Hedgehog Fibres looks complicated, but is actually fairly easy to make. It has the kind of intricate cabling that you’ll want to show off, so make sure to wear them to the home of your friend that has you leave your shoes at the door. This pattern was specifically designed for Hedgehog Fibres Sock Yarn.

The Corrugated Sock

The Corrugated Sock by Knotions adds a satisfying texture to self-striping socks. This one also looks fussy but has many sections you can knit without having to think too hard, plus enough variety to keep you engaged. This pattern is designed for Urth Yarns Uneek Sock.

Trusty Toe Up sock pattern

The Trusty Toe Up Sock

The Trusty Toe Up Sock pattern by Tanis Lavallee is one you’ll come back to again and again. It is a very clearly written pattern that is easy to knit. It was also specifically designed for self-striping socks in order to ensure they stripes worked out properly. This pattern is also designed for Urth Yarns Uneek Sock.

Earlybird sock pattern by Cassandra Dominick


The early bird catches the worm, and the Earlybird sock pattern catches some eyes! Cassandra Dominick designed these as a unisex pattern with a subtle repeating cable stitch. It’s even more eye-catching if you use her recommended yarn, Anzula Squishy.

Classic Ribbed Sock

If you want a classic, try Natasha Hope-Simpson’s reliable Classic Ribbed Sock pattern. This unisex pattern comes in three sizes. It’s easy to knit using top-down construction and clearly written. Hope-Simpson says that if you need to knit a gift quickly, this is the pattern. It’s designed to be knit with Malabrigo Rios yarn.

Day Off Socks

Day Off Socks might have the name because you would wear them on a day off. Or maybe it’s because they knit up so quick you can make them on your day off and still have time to spare. These cute ankle socks are a toe-up pattern designed to be made with Manos del Uruguay Alegria.

Beverly sock pattern


The Beverly sock pattern has a lovely crisscross motif. It gets top marks for both clarity and ease of knitting. It is specifically designed to counter any pooling in variegated yarns, and was created with one of our favorite yarns in mind, Manos del Uruguay Alegria.

Aguayo sock pattern


If you are looking for a chevron sock pattern, Rita Taylor’s Aguayo keeps the angles going all the way to the cuff. Combined with the ribs separating each chevron, the top could almost be a crown – which we of course like! Knit this one with Manos del Uruguay Alegria for your favourite Yarn Queen (or King).

Sock Pattern Books

Laine - 52 Weeks of Socks pattern book

Laine 52 Weeks of Socks

Laine 52 Weeks of Socks has 52 detailed and lovingly photographed patterns for socks and slippers, enough that you can make a new pattern every week of the year! If you want to make 2024 your Year of Socks, or if you want heaps of unique and well-thought-out sock patterns, this is a great book to have. And with 52 diverse patterns, it offers great value for money. Make socks with a rib pattern, cables, all-over texture, lacy work, multicolored motifs and more. Some patterns are dead simple to make, while others are challenging in a way that will stretch the skill set of even more experienced knitters. And because there are 52 patterns, the book offers a great way to increase your skills!

Laine 52 Weeks of Socks vol. II

If 52 aren’t enough for you, don’t miss Laine 52 Weeks of Socks, Volume 2! We aren’t going to say that the sequel is better than the first one…but with beaded socks, ruffled socks, striped socks, cabled socks and lace socks, as well as some eye-catching colour combos and patterns, this is oh-so-necessary for your knitting library.

Pom Pom Press - Ready Set Socks

Ready Set Socks

For ten timeless, funky and fun patterns, look no further than Ready Set Socks from Pom Pom Press and Rachel Coopey. Some patterns are suitable for beginners, and several offer the kind of challenges that are a great way to show off your skills. Each purchase also includes a digital copy, so you can pull up those patterns no matter where you are.

Knitmore Girls - Operation Sock Drawer

Operation Sock Drawer

If you are an experienced knitter and you love colourwork, then you need a copy of Operation Sock Drawer on your shelf. It has 20 lovely sock patterns, including many two-colour socks with stripes, mosaic patterns and more. There are even patterns with ideas for using leftover sock yarn.

Best For Beginners (and Experienced Knitters Too!)

The Sock Knitting Bible

The Sock Knitting Bible

Lynne Rowe’s The Sock Knitting Bible is the sock encyclopedia every knitter needs, and it’s especially good for beginners. It has ten gorgeous sock patterns, as well as “sock recipes” that give you basic technique that you can slice, dice, and spice to make your own! (Figuratively, that is. We do not recommend knitting rosemary into your socks – it’s itchy.) Rowe also includes illustrated guides to every technique you’ll use while knitting socks, from casting on to picking up stitches to knitting in the round and more. Learn the anatomy of a sock, how to measure foot size to make the perfect fit, how to select yarn and needles, figuring out your tension and gauge, and more! No matter whether you’re knitting patterns from this book or others, you’ll find yourself referring to her wisdom again and again.

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