According to palaeontologists, we are currently in a golden age of dinosaur discovery. And we also seem to be in a golden age of dinosaur patterns to knit and crochet. If you love dinosaurs, you can wear them on your hat, on your gloves, and even make adorable little amigurumi dinosaurs! Our very own Ruth Walden curated these fantastic dinosaur patterns that knitters and crocheters will love.

Free Dinosaur Amigurumi Patterns

Tom Anks the Anylosaurus - an adorable amigurumi anylosaur

Halime Özel has made several delightful, free dinosaur amigurumi patterns. There’s the Tom Anks 6cm Ankylosaurus pattern, which uses a sport weight yarn like Manos del Uruguay Milo, and the 5cm mini Ankylosaurus pattern nicknamed Tom Anks, Jr. which uses a DK weight yarn like DMC’s Shiny Happy Cotton. For the eyes, you’ll want something like our black Safety Eyes. Her Cera Triceratops pattern is just as adorable and detailed, and her Azra’s Love Dino pattern has an adorable cartoon quality with little hearts on each foot. Both call for a fingering weight yarn like Broadway Purely Wool Baby.

Dan the Dinosaur - adorable amigurumi dinosaurs in green and purple

The dino-mite Dan the Dinosaur is the creation of Jess Huff, and if you’re looking for a pattern that’s almost no-sew you’ll have trouble tricera-topping this one. (Pardon our puns – after reading this pattern we can’t stop!) She also has plenty of tips for customization on her site. You’ll need a worsted weight yarn like Lily Sugar ‘n Creme and safety eyes like these cute cartoon safety eyes.

Free Dinosaur Knitting Patterns

A washcloth is fine, but have you ever considered a washcloth with a dinosaur on it? The Dinosaur Cloth makes washing up just a little more fun. Elaine Fitzpatrick recommends Lily Sugar ’n Creme for this one.

Paid Dinosaur Crochet Patterns

Dexter the Dilophosaurus amigurumi pattern. This shows the dilophosaurus and raptor versions.

Dexter the Dilophosaurus Dinosaur Amigurumi by Charlyn Smith has both a dilophosaurus and a raptor pattern that you can make. Each one is about 28 centimetres tall. This is a pattern well worth paying for – it includes a full colour PDF that has photos, a video walkthrough and a text-only section. You’ll need a worsted weight yarn like the ever-reliable Lily Sugar n’ Creme to make this one – and you can use our Cat Safety Eyes for the finishing touch!

Dino Quiet Book pattern open to the Stegosaurus double-page spread. The stegosaurus is green with dark spots and orange spikes.

The Dino Quiet Book by Zenknit has lots of crocheted dinosaurs, some of which pop out of their crocheted pages. It is a great way to exercise your skills such as intarsia, and the finished product is sure to become a favourite for the toddler in your life. This calls for many different colours, and the author says the gauge is not important, so DMC Happy Cotton may be a great choice.

Would you like a pattern that had a new stitch invented just for it? Sure you would – especially if it’s a dino stitch! The Dinosaur Stitch Hat is seamless, top-down construction, and has sizes from newborn to large adult. The dinosaur stitch is similar to mosaic crochet, and the author says it’s quicker than embroidering. And thousands of reviewers seem to agree! It calls for a soft sport weight merino wool like Juniper Moon Farms Patagonia Organic Merino.

If you want a hat that will make you, or someone you love, look like a dinosaur, then the Triceratops Hat Pattern by BriAbby is what you are looking for. The pattern has sizes from newborn through large adult. Uneek Harvest Worsted could be a very good yarn for this pattern.

Paid Dinosaur Knitting Patterns

Clothing Patterns

Do you want a Fair Isle-type sweater with dinosaurs? And one for your child, too? This Bird Knits has created an absolutely amazing pattern in Dinos on Holiday. It is a customizable pattern that allows you to incorporate brontosaurs, stegosaurs, pterodactyls – and snowflakes and other motifs as well! There are over 50 colourwork charts to choose from, and it was made to be a stashbuster. It’s even size inclusive, going up to a body circumference of 162cm for adults and 75cm for children. The designer says you can use any yarn so long as it’s sport weight, but if you’re trying to find a good one to use we suggest the many colours of Juniper Moon Farm’s Patagonia Organic Merino.

Would you like a sweater whose name itself is a dinosaur pun? Then you’ll want Very Bad Lizard, which is roughly what the word “dinosaur” means in English. Tentacular Knits includes a tutorial on ladderback jacquard float management, so you can learn a new skill while you knit! This pattern is designed to be size inclusive and has a bust circumference up to 167.5 cm. It’s designed for fingering weight wool or wool blend, and we think Manos del Uruguay Alegria might have some colour combinations that would look flash in this sweater!

Triceratops Jumper. The jumper is navy with bright blue shoulders, ribbing and triceratops on the chest.

Your child will be the tops in the Triceratops Jumper! This knitted hoody by Denny Gould is designed to fit children from two to 12 years old. In addition to the triceratops, it has fun bright shoulder and rib contrast. Reviewers say the pattern is easy to follow and quick to knit up. And if you use Malabrigo Rios yarn, it will feel as good as it looks, and stand up to little kid play too!

Accessories Patterns

Dinosaur mittens by Judith Stein. These mittens have a stylized brontosaurus on the back as well as the initial E at the tip. They are in two colours, white and green.

Judith Stein’s Dinosaur Mittens are an adorable way to carry the theme through for a small child. They’re designed to be warm and durable, and the pattern comes with optimal customization using the child’s initial! Juniper Moon Farm’s Patagonia Organic Merino will give you many options for the colour contrast this project calls for.

The Dinosaur Crossing shawl. It is a blue open lacework shawl with a subtle dinosaur footprint motif.

If you are looking for a subtle and beautiful gift for your favourite palaeontologist, the Dinosaur Crossing shawl by Emily Wood is an absolute must-knit. The foot pattern is subtle but recognizable to those in the know. You could make this truly tremendous by using Urth 16 Fingering for its amazing colour range.

The Fossil Frenzy cowl dinosaur pattern. Each cowl has a series of finely detailed dinosaur fossils knitted into the fabric.

The Fossil Frenzy Cowl is an absolutely magnificent design by Mary P. Hunt, and it’s hugely popular for a reason. The detailed image in the stitchwork is just remarkable. The cowl is designed for fingering, sport or DK weight yarn, so if you’ve got some in your stash just waiting for the right project, this could be it! If not, Broadway Merino DK yarn would be a soft one for this. She has a matching tee and child’s tee as well, if cowls aren’t your thing!

Blanket and Pillow Patterns

Whether you’re a kid or an adult, the Hooded Dinosaur Blanket by Krystle’s Krazy Knits is just plain practical. Not only will it swaddle you with warmth, it will also give you a spiky (or Triceratops-y, depending on what you choose) dinosaur head! This pattern comes with Adult, Child and Toddler sizes – which means that if they love it as a toddler, you can knit the next one before they outgrow it, and knit yourself a matching one. Malabrigo Rios yarn will give you all the warmth you need in properly dinosaur colours.

Dinosaur Pillow. This adorable pillow is square with legs and a tail sticking out, and spikes coming off the tail and one side as if it were a dinosaur. It also has a face stitched into one corner.

And to go with that dinosaur blanket, how about a Dinosaur Pillow? Whitney Webster has designed something that’s a little bit amigurumi, a little bit practical pillow and a whole lot of fun. In addition to your knitting supplies, you’ll need some felt, a sewing needle, some thread and some stuffing. Wool and the Gang’s Shiny Happy Cotton would be a great yarn to use for this project.

DISCLAIMER: Please note that while we scrutinize pattern reviews before compiling, we have not made all of these patterns ourselves. We recommend that you review the patterns and the yarn choices yourself before making the project.

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