The Yarn Queen is a boutique stockist of quality, high-fashion yarns and elegant accessories.

It’s a spiritual home for crafters and creators – true artists looking for both the modern and the timeless.


It’s as much about the journey as it is the destination. It’s about providing materials you can’t help wanting to touch. Yarns should be desirable – soft and smooth, sleek or textured, fine or chunky and oh so touchable. Tools should feel like an extension of your own hand – effortless to hold and hard to put down. Accessories should express the unique personality of the artist they belong to.


The Yarn Queen understand the importance of quality when hand-crafting – each piece made is infused with hours of love and tenacity, a masterpiece of dedication. We know that every work crafted is an expression of an artist’s own creativity and individuality – and every stitch within, a small piece of their soul. And we want to see it when you’re done! We want to be proud with you. And we want you to have fun along the way.


That’s been our vision for The Yarn Queen from the start: a place for people who value the best in everything yarn-related. As teachers and providers, we love to help people connect to their creative desires, no matter their budget. And we are unapologetically particular – we take the time to hunt out the perfect tool or fibre for your task, and we won’t stock anything that we wouldn’t use ourselves.


We believe that designers and creators value the time and efforts of other makers. That’s why we’ve commissioned hand-made, unique-to-us, yarn-related craftworks. Each item is made by artisans for artisans so you know you’re getting the best. And everything is 100% locally made so you can feel happy knowing you’re supporting a fellow Kiwi crafter.


Ruth and Joy are a mother and daughter duo. Both passionate knitters and crocheteuse. Both sewists. Both embroiderers. Both fans of the funky and traditional alike. If there’s a way to make it with fibres, you can be sure we’ve tried it. We are, quite simply, two people who adore both making and helping others to make.