Many customers ask, “But what colours should I use for my Papillon shawl?” We photographed 141 different Papillon colourways so you can pick the perfect one for you.

Obviously, 141 colourways can be overwhelming! So we’ve grouped the colourways together into similar families. This way you can find the perfect colour for your Papillon shawl. Or if you are keen on a combo you don’t see here, let us know and we can send you a snap!

Once you’ve picked your perfect colourway, note down the colour names and go to the Papillon Shawl Kit to order! And if you’re ready, be a part of our Papillon Shawl Knitalong!

Pink/Purple Family Papillon Colourways

Red/Yellow Family Papillon Colourways

Blue/Green Family Papillon Colourways

Neutral Papillon Colourways

Too-Colourful-to-Classify Papillon Colourways

Tonal Papillon Colourways

Rainbow Papillon Colourways

Black Outline Papillon Colourways

141 gorgeous papillon shawl pattern colourways Pinterest pin

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