4 May has become internationally known as “Star Wars Day” because of the very punny greeting “May the Fourth be with you.” (If you don’t get it, say it out loud in Obi-Wan’s voice and you’ll figure it out.) We’re never ones to pass up a celebration of something this fun! Here for your knitting and crocheting pleasure are 30 Star Wars patterns that you can make in honor of the big day. Then wear them to a Star Wars party, movie marathon or charity event.

Star Wars Paid Knitted Patterns

A knitted black washcloth with Darth Vader's face.

Darth Vader Dishcloth/Washcloth

There is no escape…from dishes! But you can make washing up fun with this Darth Vader Dishcloth/Washcloth pattern by The Pointy End Knitting, and there are a whole lot of other designs available too! The pattern is easy to follow and includes a chart. Lily Sugar ‘n Cream is one of the recommended yarns for this fun pattern.

Fuzzball bandolier shawl. Woman standing on a footbridge over water is wearing a black long sleeve T shirt and a shawl wrapped around her neck with a pattern similar to Chewbacca's bandolier.

Fuzzball Bandolier Shawl

The Fuzzball Bandolier Shawl incorporates Chewbacca’s famous bandolier as a band of colourwork. It’s the perfect accessory for a Life Day celebration or other event. It is a simple, quick knit that relies on one main and two contrast colours of fingering yarn. Urth Yarns 16 Fingering has the droids…er, colours…you are looking for.

The Ahsoka Shawl. Person is wearing a shawl with their back turned to the camera. The shawl has lacework and white and navy stripes in a pattern reminiscent of Ahsoka Tano's lekku.

Ahsoka Shawl

The Ahsoka shawl is a tribute to Ahsoka Tano, one of the greatest Star Wars characters of all time. The pattern is inspired by her Lekku; those stripes, diamonds and textures will attract oohs and aahs whether or not someone is a Star Trek fan. If you are solid on the basics, this could be a great pattern to stretch your skills in many different directions. You’ll use techniques like knit, purl, yarn-overs, slipping stitches, brioche purl and modular shawl shaping. It has lace and colourwork – this is really the whole package. Broadway Merino Baby is the perfect weight with the ideal navy and white for this shawl.

Person wearing Rey's Lady Mary Gauntlets. Their arms are crossed at the wrist, showing off the intricate lace work on the gauntlets.

Rey’s Lady Mary Gauntlets

For a more elegant take on Star Wars, Kathryn Johnson’s Rey’s Lady Mary Gauntlets feature eyelet lace, making them just as at home in the Theed Royal Palace as they are scavenging the Spaceship Graveyard on Jakku. Anzula Nebula has a sparkle that makes it a great fit for this pattern.

A man is wearing The Rebels' Last Stand Sweater, which has colourwork in the pattern of TIE fighters, rebel symbols, Empire symbols, lightsabers and more.

The Rebels’ Last Stand Sweater

The Rebels’ Last Stand Sweater by Emily Ringelman was inspired by an “Ugly Star Wars Christmas Sweater.” But the result is anything but ugly! This is a challenging pattern knitted bottom up in the round, with stranded colourwork and intarsia elements. Urth Yarns Harvest Worsted has a good colour range to pull off the combination in this sweater.

Star Wars Sweater. The shoulders are gray and the body and sleeves are black. There is a death star in the center of the chest and lightsabers on each arm.

The Star Wars Sweater Knitting Pattern

If you would like a sweater that uses truly iconic Star Wars motifs, The Star Wars Sweater Knitting Pattern by Knatalieknits might just be the one! It’s a crew neck sweater knitted top down, with colourwork elements including intarsia and duplicate stitch. Urth Yarns Harvest DK will give you the blacks and grays this sweater calls for.. She has also designed the Rebel Alliance Star Wars Sweater Knitting Pattern, if you want to increase your Star Wars wardrobe even more.

Star Wars Free Knitted Patterns

The Force Awakens hats. Each knitted hat has Star Wars iconography such as Stormtrooper heads and TIE fighters. The hats are lying on a wooden table.

The Force Awakens Hat

The Force Awakens Hat by Mrs. Luedeke features the title of the famous movie as well as stormtrooper heads, TIE fighters and X-wings. It’s knitted in the round from the bottom up and is seamless. It involves stranded colorwork, and reviewers say the pattern is very clear – so if you’ve always wanted to try colorwork this might be the one! We’d recommend Broadway Purely Wool DK for this pattern.

Beanie on mannequin head. It is knit to look like the character R2-D2 from Star Wars.

R2D2 Beanie

Dress like your favorite droid with the R2D2 Beanie by Carissa Knits! This is a remarkably accurate knitted version of the world-famous hero of the films. You will start by creating a basic striped hat and then add details with duplicate stitch. You will need a tapestry needle and a small amount of loose stuffing for the probe and other protuberant addons. Urth Yarns Harvest Worsted would be a great choice for this hat.

Child wearing a Darth Vader mask and a sweater and cape knitted to look like Darth Vader's clothing. He has one hand out holding a lightsaber.

Darth Vader Sweater and Cape

Maybe if someone had knitted the Tigg’s Togs Darth Vader Sweater and Cape for Anakin when he was a child, he wouldn’t have turned to the Dark Side. This sweater and cape combo isn’t just a cool costume; it’s also practical, with a pocket behind the buttons panel. The durable Broadway Purely Wool DK has great colours for this pattern at a very affordable price. 

Chirrut Hat. A woman wears a slouchy grey beanie. The beanie has a series of dots and dashes. These spell out "I am one with the Force, the Force is with me" in Braille.

Chirrut Hat

The Chirrut Hat by Angela Villanueva is a Star Wars accessory that’s stealthy as Ahsoka Tano. To the outsider, it looks like a very cool slouchy hat with interesting texture. In fact, that texture is Braille letters that spell out “I am one with the Force, the Force is with me,” the famous chant spoken by Chirrut Imwe in Rogue One. We think this would look especially cool in some cozy Zealana Rimu DK.

Rebel Alliance Wrist Warmers. Woman is wearing a pair of fingerless gloves with the Rebel Alliance logo knitted on the backs of the hands. They are grey and black gloves. She is clutching a Darth Vader doll.

Rebel Alliance Wrist Warmers

You can show off your Rebel nature on your hands, too, with the Rebel Alliance Wrist Warmers knitting pattern by Ellen B. Wright. The chart for these wrist warmers is adapted from the Star Wars Scarf (see below), but unlike that pattern uses a sport weight yarn, and Juniper Moon Farm Patagonia Organic Merino is the right yarn for the job.

Star Wars scarf. It is black and white and has Rebel symbols, Empire symbols, Tauntauns, AT-ATs, an X-Wing, a Tie fighter, a stormtrooper head, a Mandalorian head, and many other icons of Star Wars.

Star Wars Scarf

What do The Force and double knitting have in common? Each of them have a light side and a dark side and hold the universe together. (Well, we’d argue that double knitting holds the universe together!) Not a Nice Dragon created the Star Wars Scarf, which is a great example of double knitting. In order to make it you will need to be experienced in reading charts – but if you are you’re in for a treat! This has the Death Star, Millenium Falcon, AT-ATs and so much more. The creator says that any DK will do, and Urth Yarns Harvest DK will give you a nice range of colours to choose from.

Star Wars Free Knitted/Crochet Combo Patterns

Woman wearing a knit hat in the style of the hat worn by Rey in The Force Awakens walks amid sand dunes. She is wearing glasses, a dark jacket and a brown cross-body bag.

Desert Scavenger Hat

Protect yourself from desert chill and unsavory traders like Unkar Plutt with the Desert Scavenger Hat. This hat combines a cool knitted hat (including chin strap) with crocheted faux goggles for a fun look. Malabrigo Rios will give it the colour variation that speaks to a long time on Jakku.

Star Wars Free Crochet Patterns

Beanie with stripes and patterns that make it look like the droid BB-8 from Star Wars. It is resting on a wood table.

Star Wars Droid Beanies

We assure you, these are the droids you’re looking for. Jen Spears has created the Star Wars Droid Beanies crochet patterns, which are for R2D2, BB-8 and C3P0 beanies. And they’ll be especially cozy in Urth Yarns Harvest Worsted.

BB8 Christmas Bauble. Amigurumi BB-8 with a loop that allows it to be hung as an ornament.

BB-8 Christmas Bauble

If you need a little more BB-8 in your life, you can hang him on your Christmas tree with the BB-8 Christmas Bauble crochet pattern. It comes with a phototutorial, so if you are still unsure of your crochet skills this is a great way to learn! Like many amigurumi pieces, DMC Happy Cotton would be a great fit for this pattern.

Princess Leia Baby Beanie Crochet Pattern. Beanie is resting on a newel post.

Princess Leia Beanie Crochet Pattern

Keep your bub’s ears warm with the Princess Leia Beanie Crochet Pattern by Hopeful Honey. This quick crochet uses super bulky yarn; the buns are hand-braided and stitched on to the crocheted cap. Wool and the Gang’s Crazy Sexy Wool is soft, bulky, cozy and has some shades perfect for your little Leia. 

Words say: Adult Yoda Hat crochet pattern. Image shows a green beanie with Yoda ears on a stand.

Adult Yoda Hat (and Baby Yoda, too!)

Corina’s Adult Yoda Hat crochet pattern even has the ears! This hat is designed for an adult male. If there’s a Grogu in your life, she has also created a baby Yoda hat for a 3-6 month old. Wool and the Gang’s Shiny Happy Cotton will give this just the right vibe.

Baby Yoda Amigurumi doll. He is wearing a floor length brown coat and is holding a sign that says "Free Pattern." In front of him is a blue frog, which Grogu has not yet eaten.

Baby Yoda Amigurumi Pattern

Speaking of Grogu, Elaine Soon has designed a cracker of a Baby Yoda amigurumi pattern. It even has a frog for him to eat! There are two versions of this pattern. One is about 15cm and the other is about 26cm. Grogu’s coat is even removable. DMC Happy Cotton is the obvious choice for this fun pattern, and don’t forget the safety eyes!

Yub Nub scoodie Hood with long scarf elements held together by ties. It has ears like an Ewok.

Yub Nub Scoodie

Ewoks, represent with the Yub Nub Scoodie by Kristen Stevenson! (If you don’t know what Yub Nub is, it’s time for you to watch Return of the Jedi again.) The original pattern is for adults and teens, while Baby Yub Nub is for the littlest Ewok in your life. It’s a hat, a scarf, a hoodie – and it has the most adorable ears! It knits up quickly with a super-bulky yarn. Use Malabrigo Rasta to give your favorite grownup Ewok some texture and tone, and Urth Harvest Worsted for the coziest baby scoodie.

Star Wars crochet blanket. Blanket says "Star Wars" in the middle; the text is surrounded by squares featuring many different characters, symbols and ships from Star Wars.

Star Wars Blanket

The Star Wars Blanket is the crocheted blanket for the true Star Wars fan in your life – and the pattern is free! This has squares for everything from favorites like C3P0 and R2D2 to squares representing characters beloved by serious fans such as Porg and Max Greebo. Because there are so many squares, you can make infinite combinations. (A Star Trek fan might even say it offers “infinite diversity in infinite combinations.”) You could even create a baby blanket with just a few squares and then add them to expand it as your child grows. These charts are versatile and you can use them with whatever yarn texture and weight you prefer, so consider both Wool and the Gang’s Shiny Happy Cotton and Urth 16 for yarns that are lovely to work with and have a wide range of colours.

Star Wars Paid Crochet Patterns

Star Wars Amigurumi. From left to right: back row, Chewbacca, Han Solo, a stormtrooper, Darth Vader. Front row: Luke Skywalker, Yoda, Princess Leia.

The Star Friends Pack

The Star Friends pack by the Nomad Knot includes amigurumi patterns for all your favorite Original Trilogy characters: Luke, Leia, Han Solo, Chewbacca, Yoda, Darth Vader and a Stormtrooper. These patterns are suitable for beginners and are very detailed; they even have links to tutorials. While she used lightweight wool we’d recommend DMC Happy Cotton for this.

Disclaimer: we have not tested all these patterns because we are not yet Jedi Master knitters or crocheters and do not have the Force Speed abilities that would allow us to make all these projects in a few days. We have read the pattern reviews carefully to help us select the best ones but cannot guarantee that each one is perfect.

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