Whether you call it a sweater scarf, a scarf with sleeves or a sleeve scarf, this beautiful hybrid is super-trendy and fun to make! It manages to fill many accessory niches at once. It’s a little bit bolero, a little bit shrug, a little bit wrap, a little bit scarf, and almost a sweater. A sweater scarf is a great way to add another layer in winter, or have something to keep your arms and shoulders warm in shoulder season. A scarf with sleeves is also a garment with a lot of size flexibility, so each pattern has fewer sizes that cover a much larger range.

Free Sweater Scarf Crochet Patterns

Model with pulled back hair stands on a snowy road wearing the Morgaine Sweater Scarf in green over a T shirt and jeans.

Morgaine Sweater Scarf

I Need It Crochet has created a gorgeous cabled wonder in the Morgaine Sweater Scarf pattern. This crochet pattern has a twisted cable pattern in the center and rope cables along the edges, giving it an old-fashioned Nordic glamour. It is worked flat; you’ll knit one sleeve, then the body, and then the other sleeve. Something this chic needs a glamorous yarn to go with it. If you use Juniper Moon’s Patagonia yarn, the bloom may leave you feeling like Greta Garbo when you wear it.

Model is wearing Sophia Scarf iwth Sleeves in grey over a white T shirt and jeans.

Sophia Scarf with Sleeves

You’ll get to use heaps of Tunisian crochet techniques in the Sophia Scarf with Sleeves free crochet pattern. This can be styled as a wrap, a shawlette or a scarf. You will use techniques like Tunisian Half Double Crochet, Tunisian Knit Stitch and Tunisian Purl Stitch, and if you haven’t tried them yet, the pattern links to video tutorials for all of them! Urth Yarns Harvest DK will show off those Tunisian crochet stitches perfectly.

Sweater Scarf Crochet Patterns

Brown haired model is wearing a gray tunic and a dark gray scarf with sleeves.

Knit Look Sleeves Shrug Scarf

Ana D’s Knit Look Sleeves Shrug Scarf pattern lives in the “scarf with sleeves” subcategory. It can be styled as a scarf, a shrug, a wrap or a cowl. Though it is crochet, the cabling on the forearms may keep your admirers guessing. Malabrigo Rios would work very well for the cabling in this pattern. She also has a free more traditional crochet pattern for a scarf with sleeves called Hygge, which uses the lemon peel stitch.

Sweater Scarf Knitting Patterns

Blonde model is outside in the snow wearing a gray sweater scarf with cables and lacework and a white tutu.

Wrapped Up in Cables

The Wrapped Up in Cables sweater scarf pattern by Chantal Miyagishima of Knitatude has a lot going on — and that’s what’s so wonderful about it. She describes it as “a scarf that doubles as a wrap, that triples as a sweater.” This has lacework down the center that will show off your underlayer, and cables along the edge for even more visual interest. With so many different features, it gives you the opportunity to practice skills like knit stitch, purl stitch, work flat, increase, decrease, cable and lace work. Fortunately, it’s a very clearly written pattern. Urth Yarns Harvest Worsted would show off all this stitchwork quite nicely.

Pink-haired model is outside in the snow wearing the Snowfall Sweater Scarf, a cream scarf with sleeves with a dotted purl texture.

Snowfall Sweater Scarf

Miyagishima has created another lovely design in the Snowfall Sweater Scarf. Like Wrapped Up in Cables, it can be styled as a wrap, a sweater or a scarf. The dotted purl texture mimics the snowfall it is named after. This is a beginner pattern, or a relaxing knit for someone who is more skilled, and reviewers rave about how clearly it is written. It would be truly lovely in Zealana Kauri Worsted.

Model is wearing Sleeves; it is a shawl with sleeves that has diagonal stripes in green, blue, black, red and gray.


Sometimes these patterns are called a “scarf with sleeves.” Well, Martina Behm’s Sleeves is a different sub-category entirely: a shawl with sleeves! It can be styled as a bolero, a scarf, or a shawl. If you have just a few projects under your belt, this may be the next one to take on, because it is a relaxing knit with just a few construction details. Urth 16 yarn has the colour range that is perfect for the stripes included in this pattern.

Knitted sleeve scarf sweater wrap in green. Model is also wearing a brown shirt and jeans and is against a burlap background.

Sleeve Scarf Sweater Wrap

Lake House Knits went the direct route when naming the Sleeve Scarf Sweater Wrap knitting pattern. And it can be any or all of those things! It uses very basic knitting techniques, so it can be a beginner project or a relaxing project for someone more skilled. The minimalist chic of this knitting pattern means that it will go with anything! It is well suited for Juniper Moon Farm Moonshine yarn.

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