A swoncho combines everything that’s great about a sweater with everything wonderful about a poncho. It’s warm, cozy, cuddly and the latest trend in staying warm. If you’re ready to make one for winter, we have some knitting and crochet patterns for you!

Swonchos come in many different styles. Some have an on-trend slouchiness that’s just a few degrees away from an oversized sweater. Others are mostly poncho, but have wrist cuffs to put your hands through. And then there are a few that take the swoncho concept in entirely new and intriguing directions. 

Free Swoncho Knitting and Crochet Patterns

Model wearing Rug swoncho designed by Junko Okamoto. It is white with blue yokework extending halfway down the chest.


Rug by Junko Okamoto is a swoncho knitting pattern that has that oversized sweater vibe. Okamoto wrote it for one of our favourite yarns, Zealana Tui. It’s knitted top-down using the Magic Loop method and Japanese short rows. It’s a hugely popular and highly rated pattern. This free pattern is in one size, which may be generous for some but snug for others, so check the measurements to make sure it will work for you.

Cheryl Beckerich Swoncho pattern. Model is wearing a green knitted swoncho with openwork in the front and down the sleeves. She is outdoors in a forest.


Cheryl Beckerich’s Swoncho knitting pattern includes eye-catching openwork down the front and the sleeves. While it looks complicated, it’s actually an easy pattern that will give you the chance to use techniques like German Short Rows. It’s designed to be knitted top down in the round. While Beckerich originally created this for an acrylic yarn, we think it would be much more cuddly in something like Zealana Kauri Worsted.

Blonde model holds a coffee cup wearing the Macchiato Poncho in orange.

Macchiato Poncho

If you’d like to quickly crochet matching swonchos for your baby, toddler, child, teen and yourself, the Macchiato Poncho by Briana K is the pattern for you! It has instructions for making this pattern from infant sized all the way to 3X. There’s no seaming involved; it’s crocheted from the top down. You’ll get to use special stitches like the puff stitch. And best of all, because it’s made with bulky yarn, it comes together quickly! Wool and the Gang’s Alpachino Merino would be a great choice for this pattern.

Paid Swoncho Knitting and Crochet Patterns

Vitrage by Annie Lupton. A green, white and yellow swoncho with colourwork on a deep yoke.


Vitrage by Annie Lupton is a swoncho…with colourwork! The deep yoke on this stained-glass-inspired swoncho gives plenty of opportunity for stranded colourwork in the round. There are charts for the colourwork sections; if you’ve never worked with a chart before, you’ll have a chance to learn! We think this would be lovely in Urth 16 or Harvest, both of which have colour palettes that lend themselves to this kind of colourwork.

The Syrah Swoncho

The Syrah Swoncho crochet pattern by Creations by Courtney has beautiful lacework down the front that is perfect for showing off an accent layer. It uses double and treble crochet and includes a tutorial for the X stitch used in the pattern. Juniper Moon Farm’s Patagonia Organic Merino would be a great yarn for this pattern.

Palomar Mountain swoncho lies on wood floor. The swoncho has blue, white and brown stripes in a vee shape that follow the edges.

Palomar Mountain Swoncho

Paige Fitzgerald-Vest designed the Palomar Mountain Swoncho crochet pattern so you can adapt it to your measurements. Because of this flexibility, you can also work with any weight yarn and any size hook. It is worked in the round and has both stripes and colourwork with tapestry crochet techniques. This pattern would work well for Urth Harvest Worsted yarn.

Model wears the Cottage Swoncho, a swoncho with stranded colourwork in art nouveau motifs.

Cottage Swoncho

One of the many lovely swonchos Olga Putano has designed is the Cottage Swoncho. It is knitted from the top down, and has options to get the perfect length as well as sleeve circumference options. The stranded colourwork is eyecatching with unusual motifs that will really stand out. This would be lovely with Harvest DK and Spiral Grain. (And if you are looking for different motifs, take a look at her Herbalist Swoncho, Sunny Swoncho or Kvitka Swoncho!)

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