Are you getting ready to hit the beach over the summer break? So are we! And we’re also thinking about the great gifts we can make for our loved ones to wear while they soak up some rays. We’ve compiled 9 of our favorite free patterns that you can knit and crochet for some summer-ready holiday gifts.

Free Crocheted Sun Hat Patterns

The Floppy Sun Hat Crochet Pattern

Floppy Hat Pattern

Michelle, AKA DaPerfectMix, designed an absolutely adorable Floppy Hat Pattern that uses a puff stitch to great effect. Her blog post includes helpful video tutorials to walk you through some elements of the pattern. She recommends a worsted weight yarn and we think Wool and the Gang’s Shiny Happy Cotton would be a perfect fit.

The Yacht Club Hat is quick to make

Yacht Club Sunhat (and Knot a Lot Clutch)

Melissa Mall designed the Yacht Club Sunhat, a hat that crochets up so quickly you might be able to do it on the drive to wherever you’re spending Christmas (so long as you aren’t the one driving). This sassy little bucket hat was made with Lily Sugar ‘n Cream and Peaches ‘n Cream, but you can use Lily Sugar ‘n Cream for the whole thing. And with the yarn that’s remaining you can make a companion piece to carry a little beach gear, the Knot a Lot Clutch!

Cappuccino Frappe Hat Free Crochet Pattern

Cappuccino Frappe Hat

If you want a cute hat with a big floppy brim, the Cappuccino Frappe Hat may be the hat for you! And if you’re a beginner who wants something that’s not too hard to crochet but looks complicated, then this is definitely for you. It’s got great open work on the brim and a band and flower which add a pop of contrast colour. She used an acrylic worsted weight yarn, but we’d recommend Wool and the Gang’s Shiny Happy Cotton yarn as a natural alternative.

Floppy Sun Hat Free Crochet Pattern

Floppy Sun Hat

Did you say you wanted something even bigger and floppier? Well, the Floppy Sun Hat by Ashlea definitely ticks all the boxes. She notes in her pattern that it will come out looking like “a big wet noodle,” but don’t despair – her starch technique will make it hold its shape! She recommends a #3 Fashion Crochet Thread and we’d recommend Manos del Uruguay’s Milo yarn, which has enough linen to breathe and to hold its shape (you may need less starch than you’d think!)

Free Knitted Sun Hat Patterns

Jersey Sun Hat knitting pattern

Jersey Sun Hat Pattern

This hat designed by Pam McKenzie has a fun rippled brim. The Jersey Sun Hat is a hybrid of several existing patterns and has a unique flair all its own. She used circular needles and includes instructions for how to make this using both a 7 inch and 9 inch needle. She recommends worsted weight cotton, and what could be better than Lily Sugar ‘n Cream?

Free Crochet Bag Pattern

Crochet Walker Organizer Pattern

The Best Crochet Walker Organizer

Do you know someone with mobility issues? This is one of the best gifts you can hand-make for them. The Best Crochet Walker Organizer attaches easily to a walker or the arm of a wheelchair and it can hold many of the things they need throughout the day. They suggest a worsted weight yarn and we’d recommend Urth Harvest Worsted.

Free Knitted Bag Patterns

Itsybitsy and Kitchen Sink Bags

Faye Whyte couldn’t stop at just one bag. She designed two! The Itsybitsy bag holds just your most important items (like a phone and a small tube of sunscreen) while the Kitchen Sink Bag holds, well, everything but the kitchen sink. Both are knit in one piece using herringbone, mesh and basketweave patterns. They are designed for a worsted weight cotton yarn, and we’d recommend Shiny Happy Cotton for this one.

Medano Beach Bag

The Medano Beach Bag has a cool, casual slouch that is right on trend this season. It’s a stretchy bag, which means it will hold just about anything! It’s fairly easy to knit. Designer Heidi Kirmaier recommends a hemp or cotton yarn, and Wool and the Gang’s Buddy Hemp yarn uses both those fibres!

Not A Sandy Bottom Bag Knitting Pattern

Not a Sandy Bottom Bag

Tired of sand in the bottom of your beach bag? Dorothy Dean’s got you sorted with the Not a Sandy Bottom Bag. The openwork stitches will let the sand fall right out! It’s big enough to hold beach towels for the whole family and small enough to tuck into your glovebox when you’re not using it. She recommends Lily Sugar ‘n Cream for this pattern.

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