Spiral Grain, the new yarn from Urth Yarns, is inspired by the spiral grains that run through trees. It’s available in both 5 ply/sport weight and 8-ply/double knit/light worsted weight. But you may be wondering what you could make with this unique yarn. Find some inspiration with this collection of patterns suited to Urth Yarns Spiral Grain.

Many of these patterns call for a plain yarn in addition to the spiral yarn. You can use a worsted weight or fingering weight plain yarn of your choice – Harvest DK or Harvest Fingering would be a natural. 

Free Knitting Pattern for Urth Spiral Grain

Amy Pelletier created Darn Knit Spiral It specifically for Spiral Grain. Work this striped cowl in the round using two contrasting colours.

Free Crochet Pattern

May Flowers crochet pattern by Stephanie Mason Paulantis. A short sleeve T shaped top in yellow and green lies on a wood surface. It has three buttons on the left shoulder and one at the collar. There is a flower design in brown worked on the lower right hand side.

Are you in the mood to crochet an easy top for a child? A really easy top? Stephanie Mason Paulantis says of the May Flowers top, “This is the easiest thing you will ever crochet.” You will need to know how to chain and how to half double crochet. Use surface slip stitch to create the flower motif. If you don’t know how to do it, this is a great way to learn! And it will look gorgeous in Spiral Grain.

Paid Crochet Patterns

The Quill Sweater by Heidi May is a crocheted circular yoke sweater that will work well with Spiral Grain.

Would you like a circular yoke sweater…but crochet? Here’s a pattern for you! The Quill Sweater by Heidi May is seamless and offered in a wide range of sizes. The yoke will make great use of the colour-changing qualities of Spiral Grain. She also created the beautiful Halton Wrap, which would also work with Spiral Grain.

Paid Knitting Patterns

Nightshift, designed by Andrea Mowry of Drea Renee Knits, one of the patterns for Urth Spiral Grain

Nightshift, designed by Andrea Mowry of Drea Renee Knits, is a shawl that will allow you to really show off the colour strands in Spiral Grain’s 8-ply weight. It uses six skeins of yarn, each in a different colour. The pattern offers row by row directions if you want clear and specific guidance to follow. If you prefer to put your own spin on things, Mowry also offers a “recipe” that will allow you to customize the pattern to your own desires. You’ll get to do sideways shawl construction and Mosaic knitting if you make this piece.

Amy Christoffers’ Pressed Flowers Cardigan uses the spiraled yarn against a solid background to create a lovely textured effect. The pattern offers a wide size range, from a 37 inch to 74 inch bust, and has options to extend the length. People love how clearly written and easy to follow this pattern is. If a cardigan seems a bit much for summer, there is the Pressed Flowers Hat too! (The OG Pressed Flowers pattern, the Pressed Flowers Shawl, is also suitable for a DK like Spiral Grain.)

Hinterland sweater by Jennifer Steingrass, one of several patterns for Urth Spiral Grain yarn. This has icelandic colourwork at the yoke and is blue with colour-changing colourwork at hte collar and cuffs.

If you’d like a sweater with an Icelandic vibe, Hinterland by Jennifer Steingass is a breathtaking choice. It’s size inclusive, seamless and knit entirely in the round. Knitters just getting started with colourwork will love this pattern. The pattern uses just two colours and helps knitters get used to the techniques involved. You can even choose between a rolled or ribbed neckline!

Gr8 Gingham Raglan Sweater by Jesse Maed Designs, one of the patterns for Urth Spiral Grain yarn. This sweater has a red ginham pattern with pale colour transitioning in the non-red squares.

Jessie Maed Designs has created another stunner with the Gr8 Gingham Raglan sweater. It gives off 1950’s farm girl vibes with a colour-changing twist. This size inclusive pattern has a lot of options, including short or long sleeves and a ribbed or i-cord neck finish. You’ll get to use techniques like Kitchener stitch, two-colour stranded colourwork and knitting in the round.

Slippy V Triangle Shawl by Stephen West. The shawl is splayed on a flat surface. It is red with a colour-changing mesh texture on top.

The Slippy V Triangle is a super Stephen West shawl. It uses a slip stitch and has eyelets and textured ribbing so as to show off the contrasting colour. When you make this pattern, it will really show off the colour shifts in Spiral Grain because you will stretch out the yarn while making it.

The Squaropolis shawl by Maxim Cyr uses two yarns, but only one strand per row. The mosaic pattern especially lends itself to a subtle reveal of the changing colour of Spiral Grain. It also uses a slip stitch motif. If you are thinking, “Boy, I like everything about that but I wish it were chevrons rather than squares,” take a look at his Chevronopolis pattern!

Speaking of patterns for Urth Spiral Grain, Linda Daniels designed The Wavy Wave Cowl specifically for this yarn. The simple but lovely lace pattern has a center double decrease.

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