With February creeping up on us, we imagine a lot of you parents and caregivers out there have some youngsters that are about to head back to school! Back to school is the perfect excuse to pick up a new hobby or to get stuck into a new project (and what better time to get started on a new project than the start of the year?!). There are a heap of great patterns out there to make the  cutest designs for keeping little ones entertained or to tick off some items on your ‘back to school shopping list’.

To save you some hassle, we’ve curated a list of our favourite, most snuggly patterns for you to give a go.


How cute are these back to school bunnies! These bunnies would make the perfect companion for your little one at school – especially if separation anxiety is something that they struggle with. Having a snuggly little bunny by their side will help bring them some comfort. 

You’ll want a durable yarn that will withstand the trials and tribulations of school – for that, we recommend the Broadway Merino DK yarn. 

If you would rather crochet a companion, this sweet crochet bear might be the option for you, perfect for DMC Happy Cotton

Get your youngsters back-to-school ready with some adorable Back to School Amigurumis. Or, why not give this as a gift to your favourite teacher to say thanks for all their hard work! 

A suitable yarn for this project would be the Wool and the Gang Shiny Happy Cotton.

Have a child that finds it hard to concentrate? These High 5 fidget friends will keep their little hands busy so they can focus in school – without distracting or disturbing others. You can keep them as they are for a fidget toy, or pop them on a pencil case or school bag for added personalisation!

The Lily Sugar’n Cream Original Cotton range has a heap of great colours to choose from, and is durable enough to last the school year.

Not keen on the design? Check these other options!
Fidget Snakes – we recommend the DMC Happy Cotton for this one
Textured Marble Fidget Toy – The Zealana Rimu DK yarn is the one for the job here!

Or keep their fidget spinners snug and safe with these handy fidget spinner cases:
Standard Fidget Spinner Case – Our recommended yarn is leftovers from Urth Worsted.
Fidget Spinner Case – We recommend Malabrigo Rios for this one.


Looking for the perfect bag to carry everything you need to keep the young ones organised? Why not knit it? This bag is perfect for carrying all your daily essentials.

This is a super functional and easy pattern to give a go. The Lily Sugar n Cream yarn is the perfect match for this design. 

If you’re after a smaller bag, perfect for lunches or books, try out this Reusable Paper Bag design. The Wool and the Gang Shiny Happy Cotton is a great choice for this design.

Get your child photo-ready with this super cute Knit Bowtie Headband. This is a super easy design that you can have going in the background to keep you busy. 

The Juniper Moon Moonshine yarn is the perfect complement to this design – with its softness and shine, it will make this design even cuter!

Are your older kids always losing their headphones in their  bag or getting them in a tangled mess? This is the pattern for you then! This Knitted Headphone Bag can also double as a coin purse or as a little cosy for a gift. 

For a suitable yarn, try out the Urth Harvest Worsted yarn.

Hand sanitizer is another thing that can easily get lost in a school bags, but not when they’ve’ got a colourful little Hand Sanitizer Cosy!

For a range of beautiful and colourful yarn choices, try out the DMC Happy Cotton Yarn.


As schools move more and more to bringing devices from home, help the children in your care keep their  laptop safe with these laptop sleeves. These add a nice touch of personalisation for laptops too!

Your child is going to love this Pencil Case! It’s the perfect design for keeping your child’s pens, pencils and other stationery items safe at school.

The Broadway Purely Wool DK range has a heap of great colours to choose from.

If you’ve got a budding artist in the family, this pattern is a great addition to their kit! Designed to fit the cover of a standard spiral notebook, this Art Caddy will keep everything they need in one place for when inspiration strikes!

Our yarn of choice for this pattern is the Lily Sugar n Cream.

Find your child’s bottle is always getting mixed up with other kids bottles? Create their very own Crayon Water Bottle Cosy to help differentiate their bottle from their peers. 

The Wool and the Gang Shiny Happy Cotton is a great choice for this pattern with its durable qualities.

There are a heap of great patterns in here to add some personalisation to your child’s stationery, or some nice added accessories to have them going into the school year feeling great! Let us know if you give any of these a go!

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