Are you heading to one of the many amazing yarn events we’re at this year, and want some tips for how to make the most of it? These handy tips might be just what you need!

⏰Allow yourself lots of time. It can take longer than you expect, especially if you’re enjoying the vibe!
😮 If it’s your first time, expect to be overwhelmed by the number of people and the sheer amount of yarny goodness. Give yourself extra time so you can wander, sit down and recover, and wander again. If you want to avoid the worst crowds, come in the afternoon.
👟Wear comfy shoes! Your feet will thank you.
😷 Remember to bring your mask and hand sanitiser.
🍎 Pack snacks and a water bottle, especially if you want to save a few pennies! Most markets have tasty food providers onsite or nearby, but a snack on hand means you don’t have to interrupt your flow!
👜 Bring reusable bags, and plenty of them – it’s better to have too many than too few!
🏠 Check out the event details and make sure you know what time it starts and finishes, and where parking and the entrances are. 
💰 We have EFTPOS, but not everyone does and most events do not have an ATM on site, so consider bringing cash – this can also be useful for sticking to a budget!
🎁 A lot of events have raffles, collect cash or knitted donations for charities, or have demos or talks. Check out the event details so you know what else is happening and what you need to do to participate, if you want to. 
🥰 If you have particular vendors you really want to visit, see if their socials tell you where to find them! We try to post details a few days beforehand so that you can find us.
👭 These are great events to spend spend with friends, so bring some along, or meet some there!

Regardless of whether you’re a planner or a spontaneous shopper, here are some tips to help you get the most out of the amazing array of squishy goodness all around. 

📝 If you have particular projects you are shopping for, check your patterns and bring them along, or note down the fibre, weight, and yardage details – it makes it easier for us to help you too! Even if you don’t have specific patterns in mind, a written reminder that you need yarn for a hat, a pair of socks for Nan, and a cardigan for your niece can help you remember to get what you need, or help you make decisions when times are tight!
👣Walk around and see what catches your eye first. If you’re really worried, ask if the vendor will put it aside for half an hour. 
🧶Bring any yarns you want to match with you.
📷 If you’re unsure, take a photo of the yarn and the vendor’s business card together, then write the details on the card, and think about it. That way you know which of your stack of cards is linked to what yarn if you decide to contact them later.
🎉 Most importantly, have FUN!!!

❤️Look, let’s be frank here – we sell yarn, so of course we want you to buy from us! But despite that, our number one tip is to remember that There Will Always Be More Yarn. No matter how scrummy, luscious, squishy, or exclusive it is, there will always be another delectable option. Don’t go into debt for yarn, don’t get stressed, don’t let the fomo get you down! It’s OK to enjoy the yarn, and not to take it home. We will still be happy to see you. 

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