If you haven’t heard, we’ve recently launched the Urth 16 Collection on our website, and we are in LOVE 😍 The colours are just to die for as well. 

We’ve loved seeing all your orders coming through, and the different colour combinations you’ve chosen. We loved it so much that we felt inspired to develop a colour guide! If you’ve been following us for a little while, you’ll know that we love to take inspiration from other creators of art to inspire our own creations. This time, we’ve taken a bit of a classical approach, inspired by famous impressionist (and one post-impressionist) pieces…

Cezanne – The Card Players

The Card Players by Cezanne has a beautiful contrast of neutral & warm tones with small pops of colours. We’ve selected some shades we feel represent this piece the best.


Degas – The Dance Class

This beautiful piece by Edgar Degas  has some soft blue & beige shades, with a brighter blue and that little bit of red that just really stands out!


Manet – Olympia

If you’re a lover of deep tones and high contrast, Ophelia’s colour combo is for you. We’ve added in some lighter tones to complement the dark & moody.


Manet – The Luncheon on the Grass

Manet’s piece is a beautiful combination of warm yellow/orange and vibrant blue/green tones. There’s so many different colours we could pull for this one!


Monet – Gare Saint-Lazare

If you’re a lover of blue/grey tones, this combination from Gare Saint-Lazare is perfect for you. It’s got a good mix of cool tones, with a bit of warmth peaking through from the beige tones.


Monet – Impression, Sunrise

Isn’t this just the loveliest combination of bold colours on a soft background?! If you love to make a statement with your fashion, Monet’s combination is the one to go for. 


Monet – Water Lilies

Monet’s Waterlilies is full of bright, springtime colours and if you are drawn to these saturated high-contrast colours, this is a good mix for you!


Pissarro – Boulevard Montmartre (Day Scene)

We’re bringing in some lovely earthy tones with this piece by Pissarro, with a touch of green leaves! You’ll be one with nature in your designs when using this combination.


Pissarro – Boulevard Montmartre (Night Scene)

Whilst the scene before inspires beautiful earthy daytimey tones, Pissarro changed the mood with this one to really capture the vibe of night life. Use this combo for some lovely deep shades, with a few pops of brights.


Renoir – Luncheon of the Boating Party

Renoir’s party is full of warm tones, with darker shades to keep it balanced. If you like rich combinations that feel luxe and warm, this might be the one. 


Van Gogh – Starry Night

While technically not an impressionist piece, we couldn’t leave Starry Night by Van Gogh out of this! This famous piece is for those who have a love for deeper, cool shades. Not too shady though! You’ve got a good pop of starry yellow to add to the mix as well.


Feeling inspired? Shop our range of Urth 16 Fingering Collection on our website today. Don’t forget to share your creations with us as well! We would love to see the designs you come up with from these colour combinations. You can flick us an email with your designs, drop your designs in our Facebook group, or tag us in any posts you share of your designs (@theyarnqueennz on both Facebook and Instagram) – we love admiring your work!

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