How frustrating is it when you’re searching through large product catalogues for one specific item and you just can’t seem to find it? 🥴

To save you this frustration, we added a super handy filtering system to our product pages on our website. We have a heap of filtering options available as well so you can find exactly what you’re searching for! 

Whether you’re just after a specific brand, or you have a really complex search and want to get right down to the details (such as fibre type), our filtering system has the capacity to do it all 🙌 All you need to do is check a couple of points, and the system will do all the work for you!

And the great thing is you can combine filters! Want to see all the yarns in a particular weight and fibre? Filter on both to get just what you are looking for! Check it out in action below 👇

Our filters all differ by category, and we have a heap of selections available, so we would understand if you got a bit lost on what each one means! Check out our guide below for detail on each of our yarn and fibre filters.

This filtering selection is relatively simple. If you’re after a particular brand, check the box and we’ll show you results for just that brand. We have a heap of amazing brands on offer – check them out on our website.

Not only do we have a heap of brands on offer, but we also have a heap of different fibres available. We’ve got everything from merino and possum wool, to nylon wool – there’s something to suit every need.

Each project is going to come with a different weight of yarn. So, to get you to exactly what you’re looking for, we’ve also set up a weight filter. Bit stuck on what the different weights mean? Check out our FAQs page for more detail.

At the core of what we do, having different options available that cater to different values is of great importance to us. Check out all the great choices below:

  • Certified Organic – If you’re after yarn and fibre that is certified organic from, this filter will show you just that!
  • NZ Grown Fibre – This filter will show you products where the fibre has been grown in NZ (but this doesn’t necessarily mean it’s an NZ owned business, see the next filter for that 😉)
  • NZ Owned Business – Choose this filter if you want to support the locals 🙌 This will show you yarn and fibre from only NZ owned businesses.
  • Recycled Fibres – This filter will give you results for fibre that has been produced from recycled materials ♻️
  • Social Impacts – Looking to participate in social good? This filter will show you products that support social causes.
  • Spun in New Zealand – This filter will show you fibre that has been spun in New Zealand, however once again, it doesn’t necessarily mean it is a NZ owned business. 
  • Women Owned – Looking to support those boss babes out there? This filter will show you yarn and fibre from women owned businesses only. 

If you have particular requirements of your yarn itself for any reason, be it the way it performs, it’s suitability for certain projects, or your value preferences, then this is the filter you need to be using. We’ve got several options available in this section, so there’s bound to be something to suit your needs! However, if you think something is missing from this list, let us know!

  • Hand dyed – If you value the artisanal effect of hand dyed yarn over commercially produced, this filter will show you yarn that matches exactly that!
  • Machine washable – This is just as it sounds! If you need to be able to wash your final product, you’ll want a yarn that is machine washable.
  • No animal fibres – This will give you results for yarn and fibres that contain absolutely no animal fibres.
  • No synthetic fibres – Looking for just natural fibres? This filter will show you just that.
  • Not superwash treated – If you prefer the texture, performance, or lower processing level of non-superwash wool, this will help you single it out.
  • Single fibre (no blends) – Not keen on a blend of fibres? Use this filter to find yarn that is single fibre. Combine with your preferred fibre in the Fibre filter to zero in on exactly what you want. 

Yarn and fibre come in many different shapes and sizes. We stock a variety of different construction methods to provide you with different options for any project you want to have a go at!

  • Airspun – This is yarn that has a base yarn that is completely wrapped by a second yarn. This makes for a durable yarn, but it is usually incredibly light and airy as well 💪
  • Chainette – Yarns that have been constructed through the chainette process are light, elastic and strong. 
  • Plied – Most of the yarns you come across will be constructed using the plied method. This consists of two or more strands being twisted together.
  • Single Spun – These yarns are made of a single strand in the thickness of the finished yarn, rather than two or more twisted together.  

We have 4 different shine options available, something to suit every level of shine! If you like a matte yarn, or want the sparklest option available, or even sit somewhere in the middle, we have options available!

And finally (but certainly not least!) We have an option available for texture. Each project is going to require a different texture, so we’ve got a list of smooth, minor, moderate and fluffy available for you to choose from!

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