The cold shoulder sweater trend seemed to have faded…until Dolly Parton wore one to get her COVID immunization shot. Immediately, lots of people realized that this old favourite had a practical purpose. You don’t have to worry about rolling your sleeve up, or having to pull your arm out of your shirt entirely to get jabbed. Cold shoulder sweaters provide the perfect little window for your shot!

We know lots of you are still waiting to get your jabs. Below are some great sweaters you can work on while you wait – and then wear when it’s your turn for the shot!

Free Vaccine Sweater Knitting and Crochet Patterns

The Peek-a-Boo Tee

Peek a Boo Tee by Knifty Knittings

Destiny of Knifty Knittings created the gorgeous and surprisingly simple Peek-a-Boo Tee. It’s marvelously size-inclusive, short sleeved and has peek-a-boo holes at the shoulders. She designed this sweater with beginners in particular in mind. There are no increases or decreases in the pattern, and the sleeves are part of the whole piece. So if you’re just starting out or want an easy project, this may be the sweater for you! She recommends a worsted weight cotton yarn; Wool and the Gang’s Shiny Happy Cotton would work nicely.

Cabana Cold Shoulder Top

Cabana Cold Shoulder Top pattern from Sweet Softies

The Cabana Cold Shoulder Top pattern from Sweet Softies was designed with vacations and fun weekends in mind. The shell stitch pattern looks complex but is easy to learn, making it a good choice for beginners. It includes a tunic-length modification. She recommends a worsted weight cotton yarn, and we think Lily Sugar ‘n Cream is the perfect one for the job!

La Petite Grue

La Petite Grue sweater pattern by Robin Dodge

La Petite Grue is the sort of sweater you can wear for your jab and then keep wearing all summer long. It’s an intermediate level pattern due to some more complicated techniques used for the sleeves and shoulder cutouts. This pattern requires a 5 ply yarn, and Manos del Uruguay’s Milo would be a good fit.

Paid Vaccine Sweater Knitting Patterns

Low Winters Sun

Low Winters Sun vaccine sweater pattern by Artesanitarium

This simple, sexy, body-conscious sweater is easy to make and fun to wear. Low Winters Sun is a cold shoulder pattern from Finnish designer Artesanitarium. If you’re looking for a 5 ply yarn for this pattern, we now have Manos del Uruguay’s Milo in stock, which is 65% merino, 35% linen and 100% gorgeous.

Cold Shoulder Yoke Pullover

Cold Shoulder Yoke Pullover sweater pattern

The Cold Shoulder Yoke Pullover sweater merges two styles – the very traditional patterns of the yoke sweater and the vaccine-ready cold shoulder element. It was designed for a 100% wool heavy worsted yarn. The beautiful hand-dyed Urth Yarns Harvest Worsted would be fantastic here, or try Zealana Kauri Worsted for that winter texture.

Better Lace Than Never

Better Lace than Never cold shoulder sweater pattern

The Better Lace Than Never cold shoulder sweater pattern comes with a matching skirt. Both are knitted seamlessly in the round from the bottom up. It’s slinky and sexy and perfect to wear to any summer get-together (as well as your vax appointment). She recommends one of our favourite fingering weight yarns for this project, Anzula Squishy.

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