KnitPro | Waves Single Ended Crochet Hook

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The ergonomic Knitpro Waves Single Ended Crochet Hook is beloved by crocheters around the globe, especially those dealing with fatigue or grip issues. Many people laud the Waves Single Ended Crochet Hook for being easy on arthritic hands. Each size has a different colour grip so you will know just by looking which size you are grabbing!

Each crochet hook has a large (but not too large), soft rubber grip. Because it’s rubber, it won’t slide in your hands. The metal is smooth and slides through your yarn without snagging. But you don’t have to worry about the hook sliding through your project if you put it down. Just leave your loop near the handle and it will stay put until you are ready to pick it up again.

  • Single ended aluminium crochet hooks with sturdy yet soft grips
  • Colour coded grips, unique for each size
  • Perfectly smooth silver finish

Want to get a whole batch at once? Get the KnitPro Waves Crochet Hook Set.

Ready to try Tunisian crochet? Take a look at the Knitpro Symfonie Tunisian crochet hook.


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