• Crocheted bird with black dome safety eyes

    Safety Eyes | Black Dome

    NZ$0.30NZ$0.90 inc GST

    Do you love knitting or crocheting toys and dolls – but hate having to embroider their faces! Me too! These safety eyes will solve that for you – pop them into your toys for instant personality. These eyes are solid black domes, and come in pairs. Each eye has a matching washer to go behind…

  • DMC Happy Cotton in a wide variety of colours

    DMC | Happy Cotton

    NZ$3.80 inc GST

    DMC Happy Cotton is made in over 50 vibrant colours especially designed for the creation of amigurumi. These 20 gram balls of yarn will allow you to create anything you can dream of! But DMC Happy Cotton isn’t just for amigurumi. If you want a little pop of colour for a pattern, or are looking…

  • Silver Purely Wool DK

    Broadway | Purely Wool DK

    NZ$6.00 inc GST

    Brand: Broadway Weight / ply: 8 ply / double knit Ball size: 50 g Metres (yards): 115 m (126 yards) Fibre: 100% wool Needle size: 4.00 mm Structure: plied Colour type: solid Care: gentle machine wash; hand wash recommended Purely Wool DK yarn, an 8 ply 100% wool superwash, is beautifully warm, soft and budget-friendly. And, best of all,…

  • Waves Single Ended Crochet Hook

    KnitPro | Waves Single Ended Crochet Hook

    NZ$6.50NZ$7.50 inc GST

    The ergonomic Knitpro Waves Single Ended Crochet Hook is beloved by crocheters around the globe, especially those dealing with fatigue or grip issues. Many people laud the Waves Single Ended Crochet Hook for being easy on arthritic hands. Each size has a different colour grip so you will know just by looking which size you…

  • Broadway Purely Wool Baby

    Broadway | Purely Wool Baby

    NZ$6.00 inc GST

    Brand: Broadway Weight / ply: 4 ply / fingering Ball size: 50 g Metres (yards): 200 m (219 yards) Fibre: 100% wool Needle size: 3.25 mm Structure: plied Colour type: solid Care: gentle machine wash; hand wash recommended Purely Wool Baby is a 4 ply 100% wool superwash from Broadway that has been designed specifically with babies and children…

  • Round Cartoon Safety EyesSafety Eyes | Round Cartoon

    Safety Eyes | Round Cartoon

    NZ$0.40NZ$0.70 inc GST

    These round cartoon safety eyes bring the kawaii, cute, cartoon look to your amigurumi or toy without you having to sweat over embroidering a face! These eyes are round and mostly flat, with cute painted accents to give your toys a sweet cartoon look. Change the position of the eye to change their expression! These…

  • coloured iris safety eyes

    Safety Eyes | Coloured Iris

    NZ$0.60NZ$0.90 inc GST

    These adorable Coloured Iris safety eyes are just the finishing touch for your amigurimi, toy, or even blankets, cushions and hats! And so much easier than embroidering a face! Featuring a brightly coloured iris to really bring your face to life. These eyes are domes, and come in pairs. Each safety eye has a matching…

  • Knit Pro Waves Crochet Hook Set - Pink CaseKnit Pro Waves Crochet Hook Set

    KnitPro | Waves Crochet Hook Set of 9 Green

    NZ$75.00 inc GST

    Wouldn’t it be great to just glance at the colour of your crochet hook and know what size it is? With the Knitpro Waves Crochet Hook Set, you can! Each size uses a unique colour. The soft, ergonomically shaped handles make crocheting more comfortable – no more hand cramping! The light aluminum hooks are sturdy…

  • 20 to Crochet Tiny Toys to Crochet

    Sachiyo Ishii | 20 to Crochet: Tiny Toys to Crochet

    NZ$13.00 inc GST

    In this latest book in in the highly successful 20 to Make series, best-selling author Sachiyo Ishii has ventured into the world of crochet and created 20 adorable, amigurumi-style toys and animals. The patterns are both easy and fun to make, and suitable for crocheters of all skill levels. All the patterns are no more…

  • Kawaii Crochet

    Melissa Bradley | Kawaii Crochet: 40 Super Cute Crochet Patterns for Adorable Amigurumi

    NZ$40.00 inc GST

    So kawaii! Are you delighted by all things cute and playful? Do you like to put a sweet smiley face on everyday objects and befriend them? Hook up a rainbow kawaii goodness with this super-cute collection of 40 amigurumi patterns. From three adorable peas in a pod, to a winking fortune cookie, these 40 fun…

  • Emma Varnam | Crocheted Succulents

    Emma Varnam | Crocheted Succulents

    NZ$35.00 inc GST

    If you love houseplants but have an unerring ability to kill everything off, fear not, because these cute creations don’t require green fingers! There are 25 splendid succulents to make in a variety of shapes and sizes for a touch of indoor greenery that will never need watering, repotting or special plant food. Each project…

  • Pocket Amigurumi - 20 mini monsters

    Sabrina Somers | Pocket Amigurumi: 20 Mini Monsters to Crochet and Collect

    NZ$30.00 inc GST

    These loveable little amigurumi monsters are so cute and quick to crochet, you’ll want to make them all! If using their recommend yarn weight and gauge, these these manga-inspired plushie creatures come out to only 10cm (4in) high, making them the perfect little companions that can peek out of your pocket. Crochet a new friend…

  • Lalylala's Beetles Bugs and Butterflies

    Lydia Tresselt | Lalylala’s Beetles Bugs & Butterflies

    NZ$50.00 inc GST

    This unique crochet book follows the lives of cute critters in cocoons as they transform from tiny bugs to beautiful butterflies, ladybirds and dragonflies. It features 15 adorable crochet patterns for various butterflies, moths, ladybirds and beetles, as well as flowers and leaves for them to feed on and a special crocheted carry bag to…

  • Sabrina Somers | Pokemon Crochet

    NZ$50.00 inc GST

    What do you get if you combine amigurumi – the Japanese art of crocheting small stuffed toys – with Pokemon? Only the best crochet book ever! The first and only official Pokemon licensed crochet pattern collection is here. Pokemon Crochet provides detailed step-by-step instructions so you can create 20 different Pokemon. It’s a varied selection,…

  • Crochet Iconic Women

    Carla Mitrani | Crochet Iconic Women

    NZ$42.00 inc GST

    Crochet 15 iconic women who changed the world with this collection of amigurumi crochet patterns. Whether it’s Greta, Amelia or Malala, this collection of crochet patterns celebrates 15 women who have made an impact on the global stage whether in politics, sport, medicine or education. Learn more about each of the characters featured in this…

  • Emma Varnam | Crocheted Houseplants

    Emma Varnam | Crocheted Houseplants

    NZ$39.00 inc GST

    Have you dreamed of an indoor greenery oasis, but don’t have the time or skill to keep them alive? This book has you covered, because these incredible creations don’t require you to get your hands dirty! There are 25 gorgeous houseplants to make in a variety of shapes and sizes for a lush indoor garden…

  • Cover of Amigurumi Flower Babies by Bas den Braver.The cover has 12 flower babies on it in an circle

    Bas den Braver | Amigurumi Flower Babies

    NZ$19.00 inc GST

    This hardcover book contains 12 different flowers including Sam Sunflower, Hugo Hydrangea, Adam Allium and Diane Daffodil, all with flamboyant petals and friendly faces. Every flower baby uses the same simple body pattern to which the characterful, colourful petals and leaves are added. All the techniques and stitches used are clearly illustrated, and the book also contains a handy guide to pattern reading.

  • Nathalie Amiel | Crochet You!

    NZ$49.00 inc GST

    This collection of mix and match crochet patterns allows you to make bespoke dolls that represent the special people in your life so that everyone feels represented and included. Representation matters when it comes to dolls for children – every child should be able to see themselves reflected in a doll and research has shown…

  • Kerry Lord | Edwards Menagerie: Over 40 Soft and Snuggly Toy Animal Crochet Patterns

    NZ$47.00 inc GST

    Get ready to spend some time with a suave high-flying rhino, a lovesick elephant who knows her way around a kitchen and a seriously chivalrous tiger… With just two weeks to go before baby Edward’s due date, yarn enthusiast Kerry Lord picked up a crochet hook for the first time and a new obsession began….

  • The Japan Amigurumi Association | Complete Guide to Crochet Dolls and Animals

    NZ$40.00 inc GST

    From selecting yarns and learning the basics of crochet to assembling your projects and adding whimsical details, The Complete Guide to Crochet Dolls And Animals makes any amigurumi project possible! Hundreds of photos demonstrate the best crochet stitches to use, along with lessons on how to assemble amigurumi figures correctly and give them more personality….

  • Isabelle Kessedjian | My Crochet Doll

    NZ$40.00 inc GST

    Create an adorable doll and her stylish wardrobe. Isabelle Kessedjian’s 50 crochet patterns include a doll pattern that you can personalize and a wide range of super cute outfits, from school days and cosy bedtime to funky fancy dress costumes and adventures to the North Pole! Using Isabelle’s easy crochet patterns you can make a…