• Knitpro coloured cables

    KnitPro | Coloured Cables (for interchangeable needles)

    NZ$6.00 inc GST
    7 variations

    KnitPro’s coloured cables combine with the KnitPro Interchangeable Needles to create a circular needle. But the eye-catching bright colours aren’t just for decoration. Because each length is colour coded, you’ll know what size the cable is at a glance. The stated length of these cables is the finished length once the needles have been added….

  • Zing Interchangeable Circular Needles

    KnitPro | Zing Interchangeable Circular Needles

    NZ$13.00NZ$16.00 inc GST
    12 variations

    With gorgeous aluminium needles, sparkling colours unique to each size, and pretty silvery tips to add to their appeal, Zing Interchangeable Circular Needles are the perfect tools. They offer the smooth feel of a slick needle with the control of a wooden needle. They’re lightweight, but they don’t bend or deform. They are so smooth…

  • Waves Single Ended Crochet Hook

    KnitPro | Waves Single Ended Crochet Hook

    NZ$6.50NZ$7.50 inc GST
    19 variations

    The ergonomic Knitpro Waves Single Ended Crochet Hook is beloved by crocheters around the globe, especially those dealing with fatigue or grip issues. Many people laud the Waves Single Ended Crochet Hook for being easy on arthritic hands. Each size has a different colour grip so you will know just by looking which size you…

  • knitpro wool needles

    KnitPro | Wool Needles

    NZ$5.50 inc GST

    Yarn too thick for the needle, but a thicker needle won’t go through the button hole? These amazing wool needles solve the problem, ensuring you can finish your knits with the perfect buttons! Tapestry needles made of aluminium Blunt ends to avoid injury while sewing knitted projects Three sizes, perfect for all yarn types Cable…

  • Symfonie Tunisian Crochet Hooks

    KnitPro | Symfonie Tunisian Crochet Hooks

    NZ$14.50NZ$19.00 inc GST
    9 variations

    Get into the magic that is Tunisian crochet with Symfonie Tunisian crochet hooks! Use with a KnitPro cable and stopper, and make magical blankets and accessories. Symfonie Tunisian Crochet hooks are designed by people who know and understand the art of Tunisian Crochet Polished wood surface ensures effortless glide – works with every type of…

  • KnitPro Point Protectors

    KnitPro | Point Protectors

    NZ$6.00 inc GST

    KnitPro point protectors keep your needle tips safe and stop your stitches from falling off your knitting needles. They’ll also keep you from stabbing your knitting bag…and keep sneaky knitting bag snoops from stabbing themselves! These brightly coloured, soft, pliable cone-shaped protectors are easy to spot in your notions bag and easy to use. These…

  • KnitPro T-pins

    KnitPro | T-Pins (50 pcs)

    NZ$7.00 inc GST

    KnitPro T-pins are perfect for all your blocking needs.  50 sturdy rust-resistant pins come in a reusable container. These pair well with Knitpro Rainbow Knit Blockers. If you’re not sure how to use them, read our Easy Guide to Wet Blocking.

  • Knitpro rainbow Knit Blockers in boxKnitpro | Rainbow Knit Blockers laid out

    KnitPro | Rainbow Knit Blockers

    NZ$45.00 inc GST

    An innovation that makes blocking super quick and convenient, these handy blocking tools in beautiful rainbow colours are a great addition to your toolset. Knitpro rainbow knit blockers make blocking wide-width projects easier because they have more than one pin tip. Wondering why you need these? Well, if you’ve read our guide to wet blocking,…

  • Symfonie Interchangeable Circular Knitting Needles

    KnitPro | Symfonie Interchangeable Needles

    NZ$15.50NZ$29.50 inc GST
    25 variations

    Symfonie Interchangeable Needles are designed to be used with the KnitPro Interchangeable Cables to form a circular needle. Perfect points, flawlessly tapered, ideal for all yarns and every project Lightweight, strong & durable Easy to connect cable with a smooth join that enables easy stitch glide and no snagging Polished wood surface works effortlessly with every type…

  • knitpro needle gauge

    KnitPro | Needle Gauge

    NZ$5.50 inc GST
    2 variations

    Not sure what sizes your needles are? The KnitPro needle gauge goes from 2 mm to 12 mm (US size 0 to 17) and its compact design fits neatly into your notions bag. One side shows measurements in metric, the other shows measurements in US sizing. No matter which measurement you’re using, you’re covered! Now…

  • Knitpro Stitch Holders

    KnitPro | Stitch Holders Packet of 3

    NZ$7.50 inc GST

    KnitPro stitch holders are exactly the tool you need to hold open stitches as you’re in the middle of the project. Say goodbye to trying to thread scrap yarn or dental floss through your stitches! These smooth aluminum stitch holders come in three different sizes, and will hold your stitches open until you are ready…

  • knitpro cable connectors

    KnitPro | Cable Connectors

    NZ$4.50 inc GST

    These Knitpro cable connectors mean you can connect KnitPro interchangeable cables together to make a longer cable. Great for when all your long cables are already in use, or when you need extra long cables for that blanket or shawl you are making. Make sure to use the cable key to tighten the connector to…

  • KnitPro purple swivel cableKnitPro purple swivel cable

    KnitPro | Swivel Cables

    NZ$10.50 inc GST
    7 variations

    These flexible swivel cables combine with the KnitPro Interchangeable Needles to create a circular needle. They have a swivel join where the cable attaches to ensure a smooth movement with no twisting on the cables. The listed cable length includes the length of the standard needles you will attach to them. Keep that in mind…

  • symfonie interchangeable circular needles set

    KnitPro | Symfonie Interchangeable Circular Needle Starter Set

    NZ$66.00 inc GST

    Get started with Knitpro Symfonie interchangeable circular needles! The Knitpro Symfonie interchangeable circular needle starter set comes in a clear vinyl case containing: Set of 3 interchangeable needle tips : 4.00mm (US 6), 5.00mm (US 8), and 6.00mm (US 10) 3 Cables (60cm/24′, 80cm/32′ & 100cm/40”) 6 End caps 3 Cable keys 1 Set of…

  • symfonie cable needles

    KnitPro | Symfonie Cable Needles

    NZ$14.00 inc GST

    Knitpro’s gorgeous Sympfonie line continues with their excellent Symfonie Cable Needles. Each pack has 3.25mm x 7.5cm, 4.00mm x 8.1cm and 5.50 x 10cm needles. If your next project involves cabling, these cable needles will save you much frustration. They hold the stitches you aren’t currently using. They are so much easier to use than…

  • Knit Pro Waves Crochet Hook Set - Pink CaseKnit Pro Waves Crochet Hook Set

    KnitPro | Waves Crochet Hook Set of 9

    NZ$75.00 inc GST
    2 variations

    Wouldn’t it be great to just glance at the colour of your crochet hook and know what size it is? With the Knitpro Waves Crochet Hook Set, you can! Each size uses a unique colour. The soft, ergonomically shaped handles make crocheting more comfortable – no more hand cramping! The light aluminum hooks are sturdy…

  • KnitPro Circular Needle Protectors

    KnitPro | Circular Needle Protectors

    NZ$25.00 inc GST

    Keep your circular needles and your project safe with these amazing KnitPro Circular Needle Protectors. They are brightly coloured and will also prevent your project from slipping off the needle. Pack of three 170 mm long tubes for needle sizes up to 5.50 mm diameter Brightly coloured so you can find your needles in your…

  • Knitpro | Interchangable Needle Case - Blossom

    Knitpro | Interchangeable Needle Case

    NZ$49.00 inc GST
    2 variations

    The great thing about interchangeable needles is how flexible and versatile your collection can be – but sometimes one does end up with quite a lot of needles! This case it is the clever way to organize and store your interchangeable circular needles. Inside the zippered case are spaces to store up to 24 pairs…

  • Knitpro | Teal Darning NeedlesKnitpro | Teal Darning Needles

    KnitPro | Teal Darning Needles – Mindful Collection

    NZ$18.50 inc GST

    Seaming and weaving in ends is often people’s least favourite knitting and crochet task. Make it beautiful and mindful with these stunning teal darning needles. This set contains 2 large and 2 small needles that will hand most of your sewing needs. These needles are made from high-density teal-coloured wood, and come in a reusable,…

  • Knitpro Repair Hooks

    KnitPro | Repair Hooks

    NZ$16.00 inc GST

    We know you don’t make mistakes! But if you ever do, Knitpro Repair Hooks will help you fix them. These nifty tools are versatile and useful for all sorts of repairs! Laminated birch wood repair hooks Hook on one side and needle on the other Convenient size for easy storage Repair fallen and dropped stitches…

  • Knitpro Symfonie 20 cm double pointed needles (DPNs)

    KnitPro | Double Pointed Needles

    NZ$20.00NZ$27.50 inc GST
    13 variations

    If you are looking for double pointed needles that are as easy on the hands as they are on the eyes, these Knitpro Symfonie double pointed needles are just what you need. The colours are lovely to look at, and the birch wood is light, warm and strong. If you have some dexterity issues or…

  • Knitpro | Mindful Rainbow Folding ScissorsKnitpro | Mindful Rainbow Folding Scissors

    KnitPro | Rainbow Folding Scissors – Mindful Collection

    NZ$13.50 inc GST

    One of the advantages of yarn arts is how portable they can be – and these scissors are just the thing for makers for travel! These folding scissors are another “must have” for any maker who works with yarn or fiber. These sleek scissors have a beautiful rainbow finish and fold down to be compact…

  • KnitPro aluminium cable needles

    KnitPro | Aluminium Cable Needles, Cranked Shape

    NZ$6.00 inc GST

    Cables are a wonderful textural addition to knitting, and cable needles are a great way to make cabling much easier. These aluminium cable needles are  smooth and lightweight, so that your stitches glide on and off easily. The crank shape gives a bend in the centre that holds stitches in place. These needles have well…

  • KnitPro | Teal Row Counter – Mindful Collection

    NZ$12.50 inc GST

    This knitting tool helps you keep track of rows, simply press the button when you complete a row to add a count to your tally! Part of the Mindfull Collection, this row counter is a beautiful teal with a calming, symmetrical design. The numbers are easy to see, and it comes packed in a drawstring…

  • Knitpro Needle Size ID tags

    KnitPro | Needle Size ID Tags

    NZ$6.50 inc GST

    Oh no!! Taken your tips off your circular knitting needle cable and cannot remember what size needles your were using? Knitpro needle size ID tags will remember for you! Each one has metric on one side and US on the other so that you’re all set no matter what measurement system you’re using. Useful slip…

  • Knitpro Basix Birch Fixed Circular Needlesbasix birch fixed circular knitting needles 12mm

    KnitPro | Basix Fixed Circular Needles

    NZ$17.00NZ$19.50 inc GST
    6 variations

    Basix birch fixed circular knitting needles took KnitPro by surprise when they became one of their most popular products! Now you can find out what all the fuss is about. Perfect for that chunky yarn that knits up hats and blankets so quickly, these birch fixed circular needles are smooth to the touch and lightweight….

  • Knitpro Basix Crochet Hook

    KnitPro | Basix Birch Crochet Hook, 15 mm

    NZ$12.50 inc GST

    The Knitpro Basix Crochet Hook is for the chunky yarn lovers! Whip up crochet garments and blankets quickly with thick yarn and this 15 mm crochet hook. Made from birch, it is smooth to the touch, light, comfortable, and perfect for those fast projects. It even has grooves to keep your stitches from slipping. If…

  • Knitpro Basix Birch Fixed Circular Needles

    KnitPro | Jumbo Fixed Circular Needles

    NZ$23.00NZ$27.50 inc GST
    6 variations

    If you love Knitpro Basix fixed circular needles and need a bigger size…welcome to Knitpro Jumbo birch fixed circular needles! These gorgeous, gigantic birch needles are exactly the thing you need when you’re knitting up some jumbo or super chunky weight yarn. Hence the name! With these in your hand you are ready to make…

  • Knitpro | Aqua Sock BlockersKnitpro | Aqua Sock Blockers

    KnitPro | Aqua Sock Blockers

    NZ$39.00NZ$46.00 inc GST
    3 variations

    These sock blocking tools are just what you need to help your socks hold the perfect shape. After finishing your socks, soak them according to your preferred wet blocking technique, slide your socks on, and let dry. Hey presto, perfectly shaped socks ready to slide on to your needles. Made from a translucent acrylic, these…

  • KnitPro | Square Retractable Tape Measure

    NZ$24.00 inc GST

    Beechwood and baaaas – just what your knitting bag needs in this square retractable tape measure. Central retraction button, and just the right size to tuck into your bag.

  • KnitPro | Needle and Crochet View Sizer - Lilac

    KnitPro | Needle and Crochet Gauge with Yarn Cutter

    NZ$8.00 inc GST
    2 variations

    This versatile 4-in-1 tool is a practical addition to any notions bag, as well as being an adorable elephant! You can use the notches on the side to size your knitting needles, which is always useful Unlike gauges that have holes, you can also use this to size crochet hooks! Crochet hooks are sized by…

  • Botties Shoe Sole

    Botties x KnitPro | Shoe Soles Basic Edition

    NZ$36.00 inc GST
    3 variations

    Have you made all the sweaters and shawls you need but you still have a creative itch? Branch out and make your own shoes with these soles brought to you by Botties and Knitpro! Crochet, sew, knit or felt slippers or shoes for indoor or outdoor use with these durable, comfortable soles, suitable for beginners….

  • KnitPro | Punch Needle Set

    NZ$73.00 inc GST
    2 variations

    Our specially designed punch needle creates looped and uniform “stitches” that form various patterns on foundation fabric. It has adjustable length feature, which allows you to control the length of the loops.  The craft artist simply inserts the needle into the fabric and follows the outlined design. These sets offer 4 different needle diameters which…