• Waves Single Ended Crochet Hook

    KnitPro | Waves Single Ended Crochet Hook

    NZ$6.50NZ$7.50 inc GST
    19 variations

    The ergonomic Knitpro Waves Single Ended Crochet Hook is beloved by crocheters around the globe, especially those dealing with fatigue or grip issues. Many people laud the Waves Single Ended Crochet Hook for being easy on arthritic hands. Each size has a different colour grip so you will know just by looking which size you…

  • Knit Pro Waves Crochet Hook Set - Pink CaseKnit Pro Waves Crochet Hook Set

    KnitPro | Waves Crochet Hook Set of 9

    NZ$75.00 inc GST
    2 variations

    Wouldn’t it be great to just glance at the colour of your crochet hook and know what size it is? With the Knitpro Waves Crochet Hook Set, you can! Each size uses a unique colour. The soft, ergonomically shaped handles make crocheting more comfortable – no more hand cramping! The light aluminum hooks are sturdy…

  • Hiyahiya | Aluminium Crochet Hooks

    NZ$6.00 inc GST
    15 variations

    These aluminium crochet hooks are fantastically smooth and lightweight to allow for smooth and fast work that isn’t tiring or hard on your hands, and their bright colours add joy to your crochet bag. The hooks are available in sizes from 2.00mm up to 10.00mm. Colours are not specific to any one hook size and the…

  • Knitpro Basix Crochet Hook

    KnitPro | Basix Birch Crochet Hook, 15 mm

    NZ$12.50 inc GST

    The Knitpro Basix Crochet Hook is for the chunky yarn lovers! Whip up crochet garments and blankets quickly with thick yarn and this 15 mm crochet hook. Made from birch, it is smooth to the touch, light, comfortable, and perfect for those fast projects. It even has grooves to keep your stitches from slipping. If…