KnitPro | Waves Crochet Hook Set of 9

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Wouldn’t it be great to just glance at the colour of your crochet hook and know what size it is? With the Knitpro Waves Crochet Hook Set, you can! Each size uses a unique colour. The soft, ergonomically shaped handles make crocheting more comfortable – no more hand cramping! The light aluminum hooks are sturdy without being weighty. The see-through case lets you show off your colourful tools! Get the right tension every time and enjoy every moment of your crochet project with these crochet hooks.

  • Single ended aluminium crochet hooks with soft-feel handle, colour coded for each size
  • Smooth finish
  • Thoughtfully packed sets of most frequently used sizes, in either a green or pink faux leather case with see-through vinyl window

Included in the Knitpro Waves Crochet Hook Set faux leather case:

  • 2.00mm – Rosemary
  • 2.50mm – Jade
  • 3.00mm – Laurel
  • 3.50mm – Magnolia
  • 4.00mm – Tangerine
  • 4.50mm – Bluebell
  • 5.00mm – Laburnum
  • 5.50mm – Primrose
  • 6.00mm – Pansy
Looking for just one size? Look at individual KnitPro Waves Crochet Hooks.


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