• Wool and the Gang Crazy Sexy Wool yarn

    Wool and The Gang | Crazy Sexy Wool Yarn

    NZ$44.00 inc GST
    35 variations

    Wool and the Gang’s Crazy Sexy Wool yarn is a soft, chunky and super-easy yarn to knit with, perfect for winter woollies and accessories and especially ideal for beginners. Brand: Wool and The Gang Weight / ply: jumbo Ball size: 200g Metres (yards): 80 metres (87 yards) Fibre: 100% wool Gauge: 8 stitches = 4…

  • Wool and the Gang | Alpachino Merino | Bubblegum Pink Wool

    Wool and the Gang | Alpachino Merino Yarn

    NZ$32.00 inc GST
    19 variations

    Wool and the Gang describes Alpachino Merino yarn as “softer than a bunny wrapped in candyfloss.” You could try wrapping a bunny in candyfloss to find out how it feels, but we think both you and the bunny will be happier if you just buy some of this yarn instead. Brand:  Wool and the Gang…

  • Sale! Galatea yarn in colour 2072, a bright blue

    Urth Yarns | Galatea

    NZ$12.40 inc GST
    1 variations

    Galatea is the perfect combination of cool cotton and chunky finish. The cotton is soft and smooth, with a long-repeat colour change that results in gentle stripes or pools of contrasting or tonal shades.

  • Wool and the Gang | Whistler ScarfWool and the Gang | Whistler Scarf

    Wool and the Gang | Whistler Scarf Kit

    NZ$88.00 inc GST

    The Wool and the Gang Whistler Scarf Kit is large and in charge. The well-defined chunky stitches make it especially eye-catching. It makes the kind of giant, warm, chunky scarf that says to winter, “Bah! You have no power over me!” Not only is it fabulous, but it’s also easy to knit. You can whip…

  • Malabrigo | Rasta

    NZ$39.00 inc GST
    15 variations

    Brand: Malabrigo Weight/ply: super bulky Ball size: 150 grams Metres (yards): 82 meters (90 yards) Fibre:  100% Merino Wool Gauge: 8.0 to 10.0 sts = 4 inches Needle Size: 9 – 15 mm (US 13 – 19) Hook Size: 10 – 15 mm (US N/P/15 to P/Q) Structure: Single ply slightly felted with a twist Colour type: hand…

  • Clover | Jumbo cable needles, j-shaped

    Clover | Jumbo Cable Needles

    NZ$8.00 inc GST

    Love the effect and speed of working with chunky yarn, and want to add cables to your creations? This two-pack of jumbo j-shaped cable needles is the tool you need. There are two stitch holders, made from plastic. The smaller works alongside needles sized from 8mm to 10 mm, and the larger works alongside needles…

  • Urth Yarns | Koozoo - beanie

    Urth Yarns | Koozoo

    NZ$38.00 inc GST
    14 variations

    Brand: Urth Yarns Weight / ply: 12 ply / bulky Ball size: 100 g Metres (yards): 60 m (66 yards) Gauge: 8 stitches to 10 cm Needle size: 9 mm – 15 mm Fibre: 100 % merino Structure: plied Colour type: tonal, multi Care: gentle machine wash, delicate cycle Place of manufacture: Turkey This amazing yarn is good for you and good for the…

  • Wool and the Gang | Monet Tank - Sahara DustWool and the Gang | Monet Tank - Sahara Dust

    Wool and the Gang | Monet Tank Kit

    From: NZ$128.00 inc GST

    Slipover tanks are fashionable, practical, super easy to knit, and use less yarn than a jumper  – what is there not to love! Add in that this tank is made from Alpachino Merino, a yarn so soft that you won’t be able to stop squishing it, and you have the ideal project. The Monet Tank…

  • Dreamin' Jumper

    Wool and the Gang | Dreamin’ Jumper Kit

    From: NZ$220.00 inc GST

    If you’re a beginning knitter who longs to make a sweater or an advanced knitter who wants to knit up something stylish and simple, the Wool and the Gang Dreamin’ Jumper kit is exactly what you’re looking for. This sweater is effortlessly cool, toasty warm, and totally easy to knit. The chunky weight yarn makes…

  • Knitpro Basix Birch Fixed Circular Needlesbasix birch fixed circular knitting needles 12mm

    KnitPro | Basix Fixed Circular Needles

    NZ$17.00NZ$19.50 inc GST
    6 variations

    Basix birch fixed circular knitting needles took KnitPro by surprise when they became one of their most popular products! Now you can find out what all the fuss is about. Perfect for that chunky yarn that knits up hats and blankets so quickly, these birch fixed circular needles are smooth to the touch and lightweight….

  • Knitpro Basix Crochet Hook

    KnitPro | Basix Birch Crochet Hook, 15 mm

    NZ$12.50 inc GST

    The Knitpro Basix Crochet Hook is for the chunky yarn lovers! Whip up crochet garments and blankets quickly with thick yarn and this 15 mm crochet hook. Made from birch, it is smooth to the touch, light, comfortable, and perfect for those fast projects. It even has grooves to keep your stitches from slipping. If…

  • Knitpro Basix Birch Fixed Circular Needles

    KnitPro | Jumbo Fixed Circular Needles

    NZ$23.00NZ$27.50 inc GST
    6 variations

    If you love Knitpro Basix fixed circular needles and need a bigger size…welcome to Knitpro Jumbo birch fixed circular needles! These gorgeous, gigantic birch needles are exactly the thing you need when you’re knitting up some jumbo or super chunky weight yarn. Hence the name! With these in your hand you are ready to make…

  • WATG | Wrap Up Blanket - on bedWATG | Wrap Up Blanket - closeup

    Wool and the Gang | Wrap Up Blanket Kit

    NZ$264.00 inc GST

    Fast, warm and stylish? Make your house your home and learn the basics of knitting with super cosy blanket you stitched yourself. Mix and match colours to create something uniquely you. If you are a brand new knitter this project will give you lots of chance to learn the basics, and if you are already…

  • WATG | Cosy Little Blanket - Pink multiWATG | Cosy Little Blanket - Pink multi

    Wool and the Gang | Cosy Little Blanket Kit

    NZ$192.00 inc GST

    Unbelievably soft, irresistibly squishy, fabulously contemporary, and suitable even for absolute beginners; this Cosy Little Blanket made from Alpachino Merino blanket exceeds all expectations. With three colour block stripes and good old garter stitch, you can make this work with any decor, and it makes movie night so much more comfy! For the pink sample,…

  • Wool and the Gang | Jolly Pocket ScarfWool and the Gang | Jolly Pocket Scarf

    Wool and the Gang | Jolly Pocket Scarf Kit

    NZ$132.00 inc GST

    New to knitting? This easy Jolly Pocket Scarf kit knits up a whopper of a scarf using moss stitch. And IT’S GOT POCKETS! At either end of your warming weave is a roomy pouch. Adults, little folk, lads and ladies – get involved. Difficulty rating Easy Fibre art type Knitting Kit contents 3 balls of…

  • Wool and the Gang | Foxy Roxy Scarf - Tweed GreyWool and the Gang | Foxy Roxy Scarf - Tweed Grey

    Wool and the Gang | Foxy Roxy Scarf Kit

    NZ$176.00 inc GST

    Perfect for a first ever knitting project, the Foxy Roxy Scarf is snuggly warm, funky, and fast – you can make this while you binge watch and get it done in a weekend. If you have never done a knitting project before, the booklet will teach you everything you need to make this. Difficulty rating…

  • Elizabeth Cardigan

    Wool and the Gang | Elizabeth Cardigan Kit

    From: NZ$256.00 inc GST

    Look no further, ladies: this cardigan has pockets. The Wool and the Gang Elizabeth Cardigan Kit is the ultimate classic cardigan, ready to cuddle you with warmth all winter long. It’s long enough to warm your bottom and roomy enough to toss on over your favorite outfit. And did we mention the pockets? Cardigans are a…

  • WATG | Koselig BlanketWATG | Koselig Blanket

    Wool and the Gang | Koselig Blanket Kit

    From: NZ$440.00 inc GST

    Chunky? Textured? On-trend? A bit more challenging to keep you entertained? The Koselig herringbone-stitch blanket is here for you. Make your couch even more inviting for power naps and look forward to casually mentioning that you made it when guests exclaim over your stylish throw. It’s made from Crazy Sexy Wool, which is 100% natural,…

  • WATG | Almost Home Blanket - Cornflower BlueWATG | Almost Home Blanket - Cornflower Blue

    Wool and the Gang | Almost Home Blanket Kit

    NZ$288.00 inc GST

    The Almost Home blanket is deceptively simple, with the intricate-looking texture achieved with a simple combination of knit and purl stitches. This cosy and modern blanket will keep you warm on cool nights because it is made from Alpachino Merino, which is so snuggly and soft you may never want to leave your couch again….

  • Wool and the Gang | Cable BomberWool and the Gang | Cable Bomber

    Wool and the Gang | Cable Bomber Kit

    From: NZ$308.00 inc GST

    A chunky cable-knit cardigan with a bomber jacket shape? Get. In. Line. WATG teamed up with eco-conscious, community-minded knitwear brand I Love Mr Mittens to design the pattern for this intermediate-level kit. Washing Instructions Hand wash only in cold or lukewarm water – do not exceed 30 degrees / Use a delicates hand wash detergent…

  • Grace Cardigan

    Wool and the Gang | Grace Cardigan Two Tone Kit

    From: NZ$288.00 inc GST

    Soft, squishy and stylish, the Grace Cardigan is gorgeous and deceptively simple to knit. The contrasting colours can be high-impact or subtle, depending on which shades you choose. It’s got a relaxed fit and sleeves sizable enough for several layers underneath in winter. It uses a moss stitch and rib trim for great visual texture….

  • WATG | Large Wrap Up BlanketWATG | Large Wrap Up Blanket

    Wool and the Gang | Large Wrap Up Blanket Kit

    NZ$528.00 inc GST

    Serving some serious big blanket energy, this mega chunky, easy-level knit looks just as good as its cosiness feels. It’s the big sis of the original Wrap Up Blanket, and has the same stripy vibe, so you can mix-up your three fave shades and stitch something woolly unique, and it is large enough to share!…

  • Wool and the Gang | All or Nothing CoatiganWool and the Gang | All or Nothing Coatigan

    Wool and the Gang | All or Nothing Coatigan Kit

    From: NZ$352.00 inc GST

    Less bulky than a coat but warmer than a cardigan, what do you call it? A coatigan! This crochet kit is fast to work up, snuggly, stylish, and warm. The kit is rated intermediate, and the booklet will support you through all the skills you need. By the time you have finished, you will have…

  • Taylor SweaterTaylor Sweater

    Wool and the Gang | Taylor Sweater Kit

    From: NZ$320.00 inc GST

    Fair Isle sweaters are a fashion must, and the Wool and the Gang Taylor Sweater Kit gives you everything you need to create the sweater of your dreams. The pattern is roomy enough to accommodate layers for winter or just give you a cool oversize look. And the detailing is challenging enough to keep even…