Wool and the Gang | Grace Cardigan Two Tone Kit

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Soft, squishy and stylish, the Grace Cardigan is gorgeous and deceptively simple to knit. The contrasting colours can be high-impact or subtle, depending on which shades you choose. It’s got a relaxed fit and sleeves sizable enough for several layers underneath in winter. It uses a moss stitch and rib trim for great visual texture.

If you’re a beginning knitter looking to tackle a big project, this cardigan may be perfect for you! It’s also ideal for more experienced knitters that want to create something that is easier and will get loads of compliments.

The Grace Cardigan Two Tone kit uses Wool and the Gang’s Alpachino Merino. It’s a bulky alpaca/merino blend that is soft, squishy and oh so huggable. (Just like you’ll be if you’re wearing this cardigan!) It’s 100% natural and a perfect weight for year-round knitting.

Stumped for what colourways to select? Shoot us an email and we’d be happy to help you choose the perfect pairing.

You will want circular and straight knitting needles. You’ll also need a sewing needle to stitch the five pieces of this project together. If you need any of these items, visit our Needles and Hooks section.

If you’re looking for a two-tone cardigan with more texture, or want a project that might stretch your skills a little more, take a look at the Grace Cardigan’s sister, the Wool and the Gang Stargazer Cardigan!

Size information (see the size chart in the photos):

Size 1 and 2: Colour A: 4 balls; Colour B: 5 balls (total 9 balls)

Size 3 and 4: Colour A: 5 balls; Colour B: 6 balls (total 11 balls)

Size 5 and 6: Colour A: 6 balls, Colour B: 7 balls (total 13 balls)


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