KnitPro | Jumbo Fixed Circular Needles

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If you love Knitpro Basix fixed circular needles and need a bigger size…welcome to Knitpro Jumbo birch fixed circular needles! These gorgeous, gigantic birch needles are exactly the thing you need when you’re knitting up some jumbo or super chunky weight yarn. Hence the name! With these in your hand you are ready to make some delicious chunky knits. Ranging from 20 mm to 35 mm, these are the needles for you!

Knitpro Jumbo birch fixed circular needles are smooth, light, and strong. Fans have said they are “as smooth as metal but without the weight.” They offer an easy glide for your stitches to make your jumbo knitting experience hassle free.

Are you new to circulars? Learn more about when to use them and why they are amazing with our Ultimate Guide to Circular Needles.


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