• Symfonie Tunisian Crochet Hooks

    KnitPro | Symfonie Tunisian Crochet Hooks

    NZ$14.50NZ$19.00 inc GST
    9 variations

    Get into the magic that is Tunisian crochet with Symfonie Tunisian crochet hooks! Use with a KnitPro cable and stopper, and make magical blankets and accessories. Symfonie Tunisian Crochet hooks are designed by people who know and understand the art of Tunisian Crochet Polished wood surface ensures effortless glide – works with every type of…

  • Symfonie Interchangeable Circular Knitting Needles

    KnitPro | Symfonie Interchangeable Needles

    NZ$15.50NZ$29.50 inc GST
    25 variations

    Symfonie Interchangeable Needles are designed to be used with the KnitPro Interchangeable Cables to form a circular needle. Perfect points, flawlessly tapered, ideal for all yarns and every project Lightweight, strong & durable Easy to connect cable with a smooth join that enables easy stitch glide and no snagging Polished wood surface works effortlessly with every type…

  • HiyaHiya Bamboo Interchangeable Tips

    HiyaHiya | Bamboo Interchangeable Tips – 5 inch

    NZ$19.00NZ$21.00 inc GST
    9 variations

    HiyaHiya Bamboo Interchangeable Tips feel amazing in your hands. This high quality, resin-injected bamboo offers exceptional strength with no warping or splintering over time. Because they are warm to the touch, they are excellent for knitters with reduced dexterity. Want something sharp enough to move your yarn without piercing it? HiyaHiya Bamboo Interchangeable Tips are…

  • Hiyahiya | Bamboo fixed circulars

    HiyaHiya | Bamboo Fixed Circular Needles – 9″ / 23 cm length

    NZ$16.00NZ$17.00 inc GST
    12 variations

    HiyaHiya’s strong, flexible cables and seamless joins team up with high quality, resin-injected bamboo. These bamboo fixed circular needles offer exceptional strength and are resistant to splitting and warping. The joins are so smooth that you’ll never have to worry about a snagged stitch. The bamboo is satisfyingly grippy, which is especially helpful with slippery…

  • symfonie interchangeable circular needles set

    KnitPro | Symfonie Interchangeable Circular Needle Starter Set

    NZ$66.00 inc GST

    Get started with Knitpro Symfonie interchangeable circular needles! The Knitpro Symfonie interchangeable circular needle starter set comes in a clear vinyl case containing: Set of 3 interchangeable needle tips : 4.00mm (US 6), 5.00mm (US 8), and 6.00mm (US 10) 3 Cables (60cm/24′, 80cm/32′ & 100cm/40”) 6 End caps 3 Cable keys 1 Set of…

  • Knitpro Symfonie 20 cm double pointed needles (DPNs)

    KnitPro | Double Pointed Needles

    NZ$20.00NZ$27.50 inc GST
    13 variations

    If you are looking for double pointed needles that are as easy on the hands as they are on the eyes, these Knitpro Symfonie double pointed needles are just what you need. The colours are lovely to look at, and the birch wood is light, warm and strong. If you have some dexterity issues or…

  • Lykke | Needle Set Colour in Black Vegan Suede (5inch)

    Lykke | Wooden Interchangeable Needle Sets

    NZ$192.00NZ$269.00 inc GST
    18 variations

    These  Lykke wooden interchangeable needles are made from birch wood and are strong, smooth, and light – as well as absolutely stunning! Available in 5 inch and 3.5 inch, and a range of colours to reflect your personality.

  • Knitpro Basix Birch Fixed Circular Needlesbasix birch fixed circular knitting needles 12mm

    KnitPro | Basix Fixed Circular Needles

    NZ$17.00NZ$19.50 inc GST
    6 variations

    Basix birch fixed circular knitting needles took KnitPro by surprise when they became one of their most popular products! Now you can find out what all the fuss is about. Perfect for that chunky yarn that knits up hats and blankets so quickly, these birch fixed circular needles are smooth to the touch and lightweight….

  • Knitpro Basix Birch Fixed Circular Needles

    KnitPro | Jumbo Fixed Circular Needles

    NZ$23.00NZ$27.50 inc GST
    6 variations

    If you love Knitpro Basix fixed circular needles and need a bigger size…welcome to Knitpro Jumbo birch fixed circular needles! These gorgeous, gigantic birch needles are exactly the thing you need when you’re knitting up some jumbo or super chunky weight yarn. Hence the name! With these in your hand you are ready to make…

  • HiyaHiya Bamboo Premium 5 inch Interchangeable Set

    HiyaHiya | Bamboo Premium 5 Inch Interchangeable Set – Small

    NZ$259.00 inc GST

    This fantastic HiyaHiya Bamboo Premium 5 inch Interchangeable Set has all the needles, cables and tools you need to knit everything from shawls to sweaters, and keep them neatly and beautifully stored. HiyaHiya Bamboo Interchangeable Tips are high quality, resin-injected bamboo and offer exceptional strength with no warping or splintering over time. These bamboo needles…