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HiyaHiya Steel Interchangeable Tips are made with high quality stainless steel, which makes them as smooth as silk, with flexible cables and near perfect joins. The joins are so smooth that you’ll never have to worry about your yarn snagging. And the cable connector is so slick that you won’t have any kinks as you knit your project. The stainless steel offers strength, with a hollow construction for a great lightweight feel, with a slightly rounded tip.

HiyaHiya categorises its cables and needles as Mini/Sock, Small, or Large based on the size of the screw. Ensure you have cables and tips that match so that the screws fit!

  • Tips from 2.00 mm to 2.50 mm are compatible with Mini/Sock cables and accessories
  • Tips from 2.75 mm to 5.00 mm are compatible with Small cables and accessories, or with Mini/Sock cables and accessories with the use of the Mini/Sock Tip Adaptors
  • Tips from 5.50 mm to 10.00 mm are compatible with Large cables and accessories, or with Small cables and accessories with use of the Small Tip Adaptors

If you prefer a pointy tip, check out the HiyaHiya Sharp Interchangeable needles for the sharpest points you can get! Or if you prefer wood, these are also available as HiyaHiya Bamboo Interchangeable Needles. If you are looking for a whole set, we have the HiyaHiya Steel Premium Set, which includes cables, tips and needle grips in a fetching brocade case.


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