Hiyahiya | Interchangeable Tip Adaptors

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Increase the versatility of your Hiyahiya interchangeables with these interchangeable tip adaptors. They allow you to connect more needles to more cables!

Because Hiyahiya cables and Hiyahiya needle tips are grouped into three different sizes of join, you need to make sure your cables and needles match. These interchangeable tip adaptors increase the range of connections you can make, which expands your options when you’re knitting.

With these interchangeable tip adapters, you can swap tips on a single cord or use two different types of cord with the same tips. They’re extremely durable, screw on easily and don’t come unscrewed during use. Because of the way the joint is designed, they also won’t catch on your yarn while you’re knitting. The yarn slides smoothly from cable to needle.

With these interchangeable tip adaptors, you can connect your needles to cables that are one size smaller than the needle. Do you have plenty of cables that are one size smaller? This can be a money-saving and storage-space-saving way to expand your options!

  • Standard tip adapters: connect your large interchangeable tips to a small interchangeable cable
  • Sock tip adapter: connect your small interchangeable tips to a miniature interchangeable cable

Mini needles only join to mini cables and are not compatible with any adaptors.


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