• Knitpro coloured cables

    KnitPro | Coloured Cables (for interchangeable needles)

    $6.00 inc GST

    These coloured cables combine with the KnitPro Interchangeable Needles to create a circular needle. The eye-catching bright colours aren’t just for decoration. Each length is colour coded so you’ll know what size the cable is at a glance. The stated length of these cables is the finished length once the needles have been added. Resilient,…

  • HiyaHiya Interchangeable Cables

    HiyaHiya | Interchangeable Cables

    $10.00$12.00 inc GST

    HiyaHiya Interchangeable Cables have screw-on connectors for use with the range of HiyaHiya Interchangeable Tips. They are smooth with excellent joins. Your knitting project will glide from the needles to the cable with no snags or catching! They twist easily to prevent kinks and other annoying cord issues. Reviewers report no kinks or breakage even…

  • hiyahiya Needle Grips with Cable Key

    HiyaHiya | Needle Grips with Cable Key

    $2.50 inc GST

    Tighten your Interchangeable Tips and Cables quickly and easily with HiyaHiya Interchangeable Needle Grips. Get an even more secure connection when you use the Key. The Needle Grips with Cable Key set gives you everything you need. Indispensable: you’ll wonder how you ever managed without them before! The Cable Key is a fantastic tool, specifically…

  • knitpro cable connectors

    KnitPro | Cable Connectors

    $4.50 inc GST

    These Knitpro cable connectors mean you can connect KnitPro interchangeable cables together to make a longer cable. Great for when all your long cables are already in use, or when you need extra long cables for that blanket or shawl you are making. Make sure to use the cable key to tighten the connector to…

  • hiyahiya bead cable stoppers

    HiyaHiya | Bead Cable Stoppers

    $10.00$15.00 inc GST

    Needing to liberate your needles and still keep your stitches secure on a HiyaHiya interchangeable cable?  Bead Cable Stoppers are compatible with HiyaHiya small cables of all lengths, making them the perfect solution. When they are screwed into the ends of your cable, you can feel certain your hard work is safe. These Bead Cable…

  • hiyahiya panda cable stoppers

    HiyaHiya | Panda Cable Stoppers

    $15.00$16.00 inc GST

    Ever needed to borrow the needles from a project but want to leave your unfinished work of art on the cable? HiyaHiya Panda Cable Stoppers screw onto HiyaHiya Interchangeable Cables to secure your knitting on your cable. Borrow the needles with no risk of your work falling off! And they are super cute, with each…

  • Hiyahiya | Interchangeable Tip Adaptors

    Hiyahiya | Interchangeable Tip Adaptors

    $10.00$11.00 inc GST

    Increase the versatility of your Hiyahiya interchangeables with these interchangeable tip adaptors. They allow you to connect more needles to more cables! Because Hiyahiya cables and Hiyahiya needle tips are grouped into three different sizes of join, you need to make sure your cables and needles match. These interchangeable tip adaptors increase the range of…

  • Hiyahiya | Cable Key

    Hiyahiya | Cable Key

    $1.00 inc GST

    The Hiyahiya Cable Key is a fantastic tool, specifically designed to work with the miniature sock Hiyahiya Interchangeable Cables and the small/sock Interchangeable Tip Adaptors. The Cable Key works through the lifeline holes on the sock cable. With it, you can tighten the miniature sock cable to the small sock Tip Adaptors. Tighten the cables…

  • Knitpro Needle Size ID tags

    KnitPro | Needle Size ID Tags

    $6.50 inc GST

    Oh no!! Taken your tips off your circular knitting needle cable and cannot remember what size needles your were using? Knitpro needle size ID tags will remember for you! Each one has metric on one side and US on the other so that you’re all set no matter what measurement system you’re using. Useful slip…

  • hiyahiya cable connectors with grips

    Hiyahiya | Cable Connectors with Grips

    $8.50$9.50 inc GST

    These nifty cable connectors will take your existing HiyaHiya cable collection and make it even more versatile! These connectors allow you to join two HiyaHiya cables (with the same connection size) together. That way that you can make longer cables – great for blankets or those Stephen West shawls with enormous stitch counts. Don’t forget…