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HiyaHiya’s strong and flexible Interchangeable Cables have screw-on connectors for use with the range of Interchangeable Tips.

Cable lengths are finished lengths including tips; the shorter length when used with 4 inch tips and the longer length  when used with 5 inch tips.

HiyaHiya cables and tips are categorised as mini (or sock), small, or large; ensure you have cables and tips that match!
  • Available in lengths of 16″/40 cm to 60″/150 cm in small and large sizes.
  • Available in lengths of 24″/26″, 32″/34″ and 40″/42″ in miniature sizes.

To work out what cable you need:

  • Mini cables fit needle tips 2.00 mm – 2.50 mm.
  • Small cables fit needle tips sizes 2.75 mm to 5 mm inclusive.
  • Large cables fits needle tip sizes 5.5 mm to 10 mm inclusive.
  • Or use the tip adaptors to connect large tips to small cables, or small tips to mini cables.


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