HiyaHiya | Bamboo Interchangeable Tips – 5 inch

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HiyaHiya Bamboo Interchangeable Tips feel amazing in your hands. This high quality, resin-injected bamboo offers exceptional strength with no warping or splintering over time. Because they are warm to the touch, they are excellent for knitters with reduced dexterity.

Want something sharp enough to move your yarn without piercing it? HiyaHiya Bamboo Interchangeable Tips are perfect for the job. They are smooth but with a little more grip and friction than the HiyaHiya Steel Interchangeable Tips, which makes them ideal for slippery yarns. The joins are as smooth as can be, so your yarn also won’t snag as you knit. And they go all the way down to 2.75 mm (US 2)!

HiyaHiya categorises its cables and tips as mini, small, or large based on the size of the screw. Ensure you have cables and tips that match so that the screws fit!

  • Tips from 2.00 mm to 2.50 mm are compatible with mini cables
  • Tips from 2.75 mm to 5.00 mm are compatible with small cables, or with mini cables with the use of the Mini/Sock Tip Adaptors
  • Tips from 5.50 mm to 10.00 mm are compatible with large cables, or with small cables with use of the Small Tip Adaptors

Are you looking for multiple tips and cables? We also sell the HiyaHiya Bamboo Premium 5 Inch Interchangeable Set.


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