HiyaHiya | Bamboo Fixed Circular Needles – 9″ / 23 cm length

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HiyaHiya’s strong, flexible cables and seamless joins team up with high quality, resin-injected bamboo. These bamboo fixed circular needles offer exceptional strength and are resistant to splitting and warping.

The joins are so smooth that you’ll never have to worry about a snagged stitch. The bamboo is satisfyingly grippy, which is especially helpful with slippery yarns. Reviewers describe them as “smooth but not slippery” and the tips as “not too blunt but not too sharp.” Like the bed and the porridge Goldilocks found, they’re just right! They’re perfect for knitters with reduced dexterity because they are warm and light in your hands.

These circulars are smooth enough to ensure that stitches glide effortlessly over the needle tips. But they’re also grippy enough that you’ll have control over even very slippery yarns. These extra short bamboo fixed circular needles are perfect for knitting small circumference items such as socks and sleeves, with tip sizes starting at only 2.00 mm. If you don’t like using DPNs or magic loop, try these as an alternative!

If you prefer the feel of metal and exquisitely sharp points, try these HiyaHiya Sharp Fixed Circular Needles. And if you’re new to circulars, make sure to read our Ultimate Guide to Circular Needles!


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