Zealana Free Pattern | Kakapo Cable Scarf

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This clever textured skinny scarf is perfect for wrapping around your neck and tucking into blazers, and is both casual enough for day to day use but textural enough to add interest and elevate a dressy outfit. Designed for Zealana Heron, this soft, warm blend of merino and NZ brushtail possum will keep you warm, and with only 100 grams of 10 ply/worsted weight yarn it knits up quickly making it excellent for gifts!

It is inspired by the New Zealand kākāpō, a highly-endangered endemic parrot. Their fantastic green feathers allow them to camouflage when predators are around, helping kākāpō to freeze until the coast is clear. The kākāpō is well known as the heaviest parrot species worldwide with smaller females weighing 1.4kg, and males 2.2kg, (ot to mention they often pile on 1kg of fat just before breeding season), and measuring in at around 58 – 64cm long. During the day, kākāpō can be found sleeping on-ground or up high in the tree-tops. At night they come out to play, foraging for food or exploring their surroundings. They are known to travel alone or in small groups leaping from tree to tree, and are famous for the loud “booms” they make as a mating call.

Sadly there are only 247 kākāpō left alive today with a number of threats such as prey and low fertility rates endangering their future.  Settlement and introduction of non-native animals (such as cats, stoats, rats and possums), clearing of forests, and increases in hunting in New Zealand are the biggest threats to kākāpō survival. However, with persistent efforts from a number of organisations such as kākāpō Recovery their numbers are slowly increasing.

Designed by Annoline Billies for Zealana Yarn, and made available to you as a free download courtesy of Zealana.

After you check out you will get sent a link to download the file. This link doesn’t expire and you can download as many times as you want!


  • 2 balls of Zealana Heron Worsted (sample is in H03 Lichen)
  • 5 mm knitting needles and matching cable needle (or size as needed to get a fabric you like)
  • Gauge is 24sts x 24rows = 10cm on 5mm; which gives a finished size of 157cm long; however you can knit this at whatever gauge you like and knit to a length you like


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