• Zealana Heron Worsted

    Zealana | Heron Worsted

    NZ$13.00 inc GST

    Zealana Heron Worsted is soft, warm and durable. The blend of 80% fine New Zealand merino and 20% brushtail possum is fluffier than you might expect! Many of the yarns have a heathered look to them, and the possum creates some beautiful haloing.

  • Zealana Rimu DK

    Zealana | Rimu DK

    NZ$20.00 inc GST

    Zealana Rimu DK is the most magical of yarns: it’s luxuriously soft, light as a cloud and machine washable. It has a beautiful halo that becomes even more obvious after it’s been washed.

  • Zealana Kauri Fingering Yarn

    Zealana | Kauri Fingering

    NZ$15.00 inc GST

    Resilient, silky, and made with all natural fibres, Zealana Kauri Fingering yarn is very soft and beautiful to work with. It’s also one of the only yarns in the world made from fine New Zealand merino, mulberry silk, and brushtail possum. And did we mention it is machine washable?!?

  • Zealana Kauri Worsted

    Zealana | Kauri Worsted

    NZ$17.00 inc GST

    Zealana Kauri is soft and warm as a summer breeze. It knits up easily and is perfect to make something you’ll want to snuggle up in. The unique blend of of fine New Zealand merino, mulberry silk, and brushtail possum is resistant to pilling, machine washable and shows stitch definition very well.

  • zealana rimu yarn

    Zealana | Rimu Fingering

    NZ$17.00 inc GST

    Zealana Rimu Fingering yarn is very warm, incredibly soft, and knits up beautifully. Dare we say “sumptuous?” Yes, we dare! It’s also a bit fuzzy, in the best possible way. It’s part of Zealana’s Performa Series, which is designed to be a harder-wearing, yet still luxurious, yarn. Zealana Rimu blends fine New Zealand merino and brushtail possum for durability, light weight and serious warmth.

  • Zealana Tui

    Zealana | Tui

    NZ$27.00 inc GST

    Zealana Tui yarn is part of the Artisan series and brings the luxury with a blend of merino, cashmere and possum. It’s lofty, it’s chunky and it feels like that snuggly dream you had just before the alarm went off in the morning. If you’re looking for a chunky yarn that is deliciously soft and incredibly warm, you’ve found it.

  • Zealana Air Superfine (Luxuria Range)

    Zealana | Air Superfine

    NZ$26.00 inc GST

    You’ve found the ultimate in luxury. Zealana Air Superfine is a blend of brushtail possum down, cashmere and mulberry silk that is as soft as a unicorn’s tail. It’s springy, pill-resistant and a dream to knit with. It has fantastic drape and colour depth. And did we mention that it’s lighter and warmer than 100 % cashmere?

  • zealana air chunky

    Zealana | Air Chunky

    NZ$49.00 inc GST

    Zealana Air Chunky is both lighter and warmer than a 100% cashmere yarn. How do they work this magic? The yarn uses a chainette construction with gives it the chunky size without the heaviness. The blend of possum down, cashmere and mulberry silk makes it soft and light as dandelion fluff.

  • Zealana Kiwi Fingering

    Zealana | Kiwi Fingering

    NZ$12.00 inc GST

    Zealana Kiwi Fingering yarn is both fine and resilient, so it is the perfect choice for garments that need to go the extra mile, and stand up to lots of washing! The addition of organic cotton to the much loved merino/possum blend makes Kiwi lighter and cooler, making it just right for trans-seasonal garments.

  • Zealana Cozi Sock Yarn

    Zealana | Cozi Sock

    NZ$18.00 inc GST

    Zealana Cozi is the perfect yarn for when your toes need a little warm luxury without pinching your pocketbook. If you want to knit socks that will give the wearer a little jolt of comfy joy whenever they put them on, this is the yarn you’ve been searching for. It promises high performance luxury without the high price.

  • Zealana Kiwi Lace in Pounamu

    Zealana | Kiwi Lace

    NZ$11.50 inc GST

    Lace is usually synonymous with delicacy, but Zealana Kiwi Lace yarn is both fine and resilient, so it is the perfect choice for garments that need to go the extra mile, and stand up to lots of washing!

  • Zealana Free Pattern | Chunky Cabled Hat

    NZ$0.00 inc GST

    Keep warm and comfortable with luxury and elegance with this unique cabled hat, made in one of our most luxe yarns. This chunky cabled hat is designed for Zealana Air Chunky, which is a soft, warm, and unique blend of NZ brushtail possum, cashmere, and silk. Cleverly designed, this pattern starts by knitting the cable…

  • Kakapo

    Zealana Free Pattern | Kakapo Cable Scarf

    NZ$0.00 inc GST

    This clever textured skinny scarf is perfect for wrapping around your neck and tucking into blazers, and is both casual enough for day to day use but textural enough to add interest and elevate a dressy outfit. Designed for Zealana Heron, this soft, warm blend of merino and NZ brushtail possum will keep you warm,…

  • Zealana Chocolati Fingerless Mitts

    Zealana Free Pattern | Chocolati Mitts

    NZ$0.00 inc GST

    Combine the ultimate in luxury yarn with a fast and simple pattern for the perfect gift or to spoil yourself. Designed for only 1 ball of Zealana Air Chunky,  you can spoil yourself or someone you love with this luxurious blend of silk, cashmere, and possum without breaking the bank. And as the pattern is…

  • Zealana Aspen Scarf

    Zealana Free Pattern | Aspen Scarf

    NZ$0.00 inc GST

    This timeless, gender-neutral scarf in a textured ridge pattern is excellent for beginners, or for when you need a simple pattern that lets you settle into repetitive motions. Designed for 4 balls of Zealana Tui, this versatile pattern can be paired with any yarn that appeals to you, and made longer or shorter by using…

  • Zealana Cozi Booklet coverBanff Striped Socks in Zealana Cozi

    Zealana | Cozi Pattern Book

    NZ$17.00 inc GST

    Cozi is Zealana’s answer to sock yarn. The unique possum blend yarn is soft, warm, strong and ideal for socks – but that isn’t all you can make with it! This booklet contains 8 patterns all designed for Cozi yarn: 3 pairs of clever and unique socks, 2 pairs of mitts, 2 hats, and 1…