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Knitpro’s gorgeous Sympfonie line continues with their excellent Symfonie Cable Needles. Each pack has 3.25mm x 7.5cm, 4.00mm x 8.1cm and 5.50 x 10cm needles.

If your next project involves cabling, these cable needles will save you much frustration. They hold the stitches you aren’t currently using. They are so much easier to use than a paper clip, a safety pin, or a bamboo skewer that will snag every single one of your stitches as you try to slide them off. They truly make cabling a pleasure.

Symfonie cable needles are the easiest way to hold your cable stitches in place. The gorgeous wood surface is perfect for ‘slippery’ yarns and is both lightweight and exceptionally durable. With their smooth tapered tips, they slip onto stitches with ease. Clever grooves prevent stitches from slipping off when cabling. With three different sizes, you’ll find one suitable for whatever yarn weight you are working with.

If you prefer metal, take a look at Knitpro Aluminum Cable Needles.


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