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These cute Panda Point Protectors fit all common needle sizes and will protect the sharp end of your needles. Each panda holds a different colour sock. We select them at random, but if you want a specific colour please let us know in order notes and we will try to oblige!

Have you ever put your project down and come back to it only to find your stitches slipped off your needles? We have! It may be due to a well-meaning person moving your project. Or perhaps your pet has decided your knitting project is their new toy. (Bad Monty! No more tuna for you!) Or maybe it slipped off while you were toting your knitting project to a cafe. Point protectors will save you from all of these scenarios! They’ll also keep your needle tips from getting worn down as they bump against things.

These Panda Point Protectors fit a range of needle sizes. They’re grippy enough to stay attached to your needle even when they’re bumped around in your project bag. And they do the job! Your needles will stay sharp and if your project is on a cable they won’t slip off.

  • Small fits needle tip sizes: 2.75 mm to 5.00 mm diameter.
  • Large fits needle tip sizes: 5.5mm to 10mm needles

If you want to continue with the panda theme, we also carry HiyaHiya Panda Cable Stoppers and a Panda Tape Measure!

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