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An innovation that makes blocking super quick and convenient, these handy blocking tools in beautiful rainbow colours are a great addition to your toolset. Knitpro rainbow knit blockers make blocking wide-width projects easier because they have more than one pin tip.

Wondering why you need these? Well, if you’ve read our guide to wet blocking, you know that blocking a garment helps to define its shape and bring out the stitching. These rainbow knit blockers are particularly good for blocking straight edges because they offer a built-in straight line. They cover more area so they allow you to more effectively apply tension to the garment you’re working with. You’ll also be much less likely to stick yourself with the pins – which is another reason they are delightful. They’re rust-resistant, resistant to bending and slide oh-so-smoothly through your project and the platform you are blocking it on. Plus, because they’re so visible, you won’t have to worry that you’ve accidentally left that one pin in (we’ve all been there).

Anchor holes in each blocker allow you to attach a string along the longer side, which can be pulled to maintain even tension. Made of durable plastic, with rust-resistant pins, Knitpro rainbow knit blockers help you to expertly finish your projects.

These pair nicely with KnitPro T Pins for all your blocking needs.


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