The Knitting Barber | Stitch Holder Cords

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The ones that started it all!

Have you ever had to put some stitches onto waste yarn or a longer cable in order to try on a top down garment for fit? Have you got annoyed with how fiddly it is to do that? Or do you work projects where you need to put stitches on hold but can never find your waste yarn? Here is a much faster and easier alternative for both!

To use for trying on a garment, firmly press the tip of the cord onto your needle (~1 cm) and once securely in place, start sliding your knitting off the needle and onto the cord. Remember to check that your joint is secured all the time. Try on your garment carefully, making sure you don’t strain the join. When you are done, slide your stitches back on to the needle, and then gently remove the cord from the needle by pushing it off with your fingertip or nail. Do not pull the cord off, just pop it gently like an expensive champagne cork.

To use as a stitch holder, use the same process to transfer the stitches from the needle to the cord. Once the stitches are in place, pop the cord off the same way, and gently and tuck the ends of the cable around each other to secure. When you are ready to pick the stitches back up, reattach the cord to your needle and slide the stitches back.

The cords are made of silicone and come in a set of three, neatly packaged in a tin box [diameter 68 mm] for storage. Each set contains 1* ~150 cm (60 inch) & 2* ~75 cm (30 inch) cords. 150 cm holders are great for the body of a garment and the 75 cm cables are ideal for sleeves or small circumference projects. 

The cords come in 14 colours, and there is a sticker on the bottom of the tin to tell you what colour is inside, so you can collect them all!


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