Mini Notions Tins – Circle

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Sweet, wee and perfect.

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These sweet wee mini notions tins are perfect for all your tiny stitch markers, a set of buttons, seed beads, amigurumi eyes, or any other little notions you want to carry. (We’ve even heard about them being used as packaging for tiny gifts!)

It’ll slip into small pockets on needle cases or project bags easily, and happily sit next to you while you work. The lids are secure, so you don’t have to worry about items getting lost along the way. The dimensions of each tin are approximately 4 cm in diameter by approximately 2.2 cm high.

Why We Like Mini Notions Tins

These tins are small but mighty! They are just big enough to hold little notions. If you have several different small items you want to portion off, you could buy several with different coloured lids so that you know what each one holds just by looking at it. And we aren’t the only ones who like them. This is one of the most popular items that we sell!

Notes About Designs

You will get a random selection from the designs inside the range you choose. However, let us know in the comments which one or ones you like so we can get as close as possible!


Measurements: 4 cm in diameter by approximately 2.2 cm high


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