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The HiyaHiya Alpaca retractable tape measure is the perfect addition to any crafter’s accessory case.

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The HiyaHiya retractable alpaca tape measure is the perfect addition to any crafter’s accessory case. If you love alpaca yarns, or adorable animals, you’ll want this in your kit.

This tape measure comes in two designs, both featuring an adorable mellow alpaca wearing a sweet knitted accessory and holding a flower. And now I need to have an alpaca in a scarf in my back yard! They also say “Le petit chose,” which is French for “Little Thing.”

Why We Love The HiyaHiya Alpaca Tape Measure

The tape is auto-retracting and the casing is made from sturdy fibreglass. The tape measures 150 cm (60 inches). It has inch measurements on one side and cm measurements on the other side. Each one features a handy strap to hold on to or attach to an object when you need to measure something longer than you can reach. Tuck this into your notions pouch and you will never again be stuck wondering just how long something is!

About Hiyahiya

Shanghai knitter and pattern designer Qianer Huang founded HiyaHiya. She struggled to find the tools that met her exacting standards. With the help of her father and brother, both engineers, they were able to make the world’s first interchangeable straight needle. Since that first design, they have worked to create more tools that combine innovation with quality and comfort.

Brand: Hiyahiya


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