Gleener | Ultimate Fuzz Remover — Travel Sized

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The 3 in 1 Ultimate Fuzz Remover — Travel Sized brings your wardrobe back to life! It safely removes fuzz balls, lint and pet hair from nearly all fabrics.

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The Gleener Ultimate Fuzz Remover — Travel Sized will bring your wardrobe back to life! This patented and award winning fabric shaver and lint brush safely removes fuzz balls, lint and pet hair from virtually all fabrics.And now it comes in a size that’s easy to stick in your bag!

It is such a big customer favourite that every time we get it in, it sells right out again. And it’s much loved for a good reason! If you wish it was just a bit more compact, this version is for you. It comes in a travel pouch, you can toss this in your bags for your next trip to spruce up your garments on the go.

This doesn’t just remove fuzz from your knits. If your cat or dog has made a warm nest out of your neat stack of sweaters, this will quickly remove all that pet hair. Its three interchangeable fabric-safe shavers will even get the dreaded white dandruff and lint off your favourite black knits. It’s so ergonomically designed that you may find yourself de-pilling every knit in the house!

Gleener designed the handle with a soft, moulded grip to make de-pilling comfortable and easy. And it is battery free! Just remember – it’s not considered polite to de-pill random strangers on the street. But this works so well you may be tempted to do it!

Why We Love the Gleener Ultimate Fuzz Remover — Travel Sized

We love the Gleener for de-fuzzing knitted and crocheted items. So we’re excited that they’ve made one small enough to throw in your bag. It’s smaller than an eyeglasses case!

The Gleener Ultimate Fuzz Remover comes with 3 different interchangeable fabric-safe edges so you can choose the right one for the job at hand. Gleener designed each edge to gently revive a different type of fabric, from big and bulky, to medium, and delicate. The integrated lint brush picks up pet hair, dusts away dandruff and can be used to beautifully finish any de-pilling job. A strategically placed quick-release button lets you easily swap edges between projects.

Gleener has also made a replacement blade set. That way you can replace just the blade rather than putting the whole device into a landfill. It is a sustainable solution!

About Gleener

Kim Cole started Gleener in order to create an efficient, easy and effective way to remove pills from her sweaters. They make every effort to make each product sustainable, eco-minded and battery free. They want to make sure you get the. most joy — and the longest life — from your favourite clothes and home textiles.

Brand: Gleener
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