Zealana Free Pattern | Korimako Fingerless Gloves and Slouch Beanie

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Make either, or both, of this matching fingerless gloves and slouch beanie set and keep yourself warm in all weather. Designed for Zealana Rimu DK, the Korimako Fingerless Gloves and Slouch Beanie set are inspired by the endemic New Zealand bird, the korimako or New Zealand bellbird.

This sweet little bird is known for its beautiful singing voice. They are found soaring over the North, South, Stewart and Auckland Islands as well as many offshore islands where they are said to have three distinct songs dependent on where they reside. Each bird is a beautiful olive green colour with gorgeous purple tinted feathers.

These bellbirds are only 20cm long but, their significance is mighty. Their brush-like tongue allows them to gather nectar often found deep in flowers, meaning the Korimako bird has an extremely important role in pollinating native flowers, trees and other flora and fauna. This is also why these birds are often found with little orange patched on their head, with the nectar sticking to them while they feed. So, if you spot one with an orange face, know they are hard at work! Alongside this, the korimako also has spiritual significance in Māori culture. Korimako are known to carry messages to and from the heavens, warning of troubles ahead and sharing good fortune on its way. As a result, this beautiful bird symbolises good luck and safety.

Just like these little birds after diving into some nectar, these fingerless gloves and slouchy beanie feature a cute orange detail.

Designed by Annoline Billies for Zealana Yarn, and made available to you as a free download courtesy of Zealana. Both patterns are knitted flat and seamed afterwards.

After you check out you will get sent a link to download your files. There is one for the slouch beanie and one for the mitts; you will get both. This link doesn’t expire and you can download as many times as you want!

Needed: Slouch Beanie

  • For each pattern, 1 ball of Rimu DK in your main colour and 1 ball of Rimu DK in your contrast colour (sample in R21 Purple Karani & R03 Riverbank). If you intend to do both as a set, you will need 2 of your main colour, but may get away with only 1 for your contrast colour
  • Needles of your choice in 3.75mm & 4mm
  • Gauge: 22sts x 28rows = 10cm on 4mm
  • Finished size: One size fits most


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