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Available in 2 colours, these stitch markers will fit needles up to 6.00 mm in diameter.



These sleek, smooth, seamfree heart stitch markers are unobtrusive and practical. Available in 2 colours, these eye-pleasing shapes will fit needles up to 6.00 mm in diameter. Tested by us on 3.75 mm – they work great!
Comes in a set of 10.

Because these are closed loop stitch markers, they can only be used for knitting. If they are used for crochet they will get stuck in the fabric.

Why We Love Heart Stitch Markers

In knitting, you can use them for counting rows. You must place them on the needle between stitches. You can use them to count how many more times you need to work your decreases — which is a game changer for colourwork, lace, or cabled arans. Or use them to keep track of your count for yarnovers, or other techniques. When you do this, the marker will travel with your work. But it is not attached to your work in any way. When you get back to the marker location it will just drop out of your work. So, as you add rows to your knitting, the marker travels up each row, tracking that position. You can then use that position to help you determine where to do certain techniques or stitches.

Stitch Marker Resources

If you have never used a stitch marker before, they can make your knitting or crochet far easier. If you aren’t sure how to use them, read our article How to Use a Stitch Marker: Your Ultimate Guide.



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