Kylie and the Machine | Sew-in Labels – Sweary Sewist 4 (Limited Edition)

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This fourth edition of the ever popular sweary sewist labels has 9 unique sweary labels perfect for every vibe and moment!

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While our Made With Love And Swearwords labels are super popular, sometimes you want to capture the actual swear words you are feeling! This fourth edition of the ever popular sweary sewist labels has 9 unique sweary labels perfect for every vibe and moment! And it comes with a QR code to download your choice of free sweary printable that you can put on your craft room wall.

Why We Love Sweary Sewist Labels

These labels are unapologetic, and capture those feelings you know you’ve muttered under your breath, or yelled in jubilation!

How to Use Sweary Sewist Labels

This assortment box has end fold, centre fold, and side seam labels so you can use them in lots of ways.

Centre fold labels are ideally sewn into the garment (either inside or displayed visibly) by inserting directly into a seam allowance or facing. On a knitted or crocheted garments you can wrap them over an edge and secure, or handstitch them on the raw edge (consider blanket stitch) inside the neck or waist. Side seam labels are variants of centre fold labels, but especially designed to be extra narrow so that when inserted visibly into a side seam they sit nice and close to your garment. 

End fold labels can be placed inside or outside your garment. You can stitch them on invisibly, for example along the collar, or visibly, such as at a hem or cuff. The easiest way to put them in is to top stitch the label into place. You can stitch the ends or all around the border.

About Kylie and the Machine

Kylie and the Machine have created a global name for themselves by making unique little labels that we can stitch into our me-made garments. Whether you’re crocheting, knitting, sewing, or using some other technique, their labels make a perfect finishing touch. They were established in Australia in 2017 and all of their designs are still created there.

Brand: Kylie and the Machine
Size: Assorted
Style: Assorted
Colours: Assorted
9 unique labels, all sweary, in a cardboard box (8.5 cm x 8.5 cm x 1.9 cm)

  • 1x “CAUTION: Swearing passionately can result in passionate swearing” | End Fold | 33 mm x 24 mm (plus folds) | Light Blue Background with Fluro Pink text
  • 1x “Fabric Only, Mother Fuckers” | End Fold | 24 mm x 30 mm (plus folds) | Pale Yellow Background, Metallic Silver and Black
  • 1x “FAN ★ FUCKING ★ TASTIC” | End Fold | 50 mm x 12 mm | Peach Background with Navy and Lilac sparkle
  • 1x “Fuck Yeah!” | Centre fold | 20 mm x 28 mm (includes seam allowance) | Cream background with Magenta and Royal Blue
  • 1x “If I had a dollar for every time I swore while sewing… I’d be a fucking millionaire” | Centre fold | – 23 mm x 30 mm (includes seam allowance) | Dark Blue background, white text
  • 1x “I Fucking Love This” | Centre fold | 26 mm x 30 mm (including seam allowance) | Forest Green, Pale Pink and Metallic Rose Gold
  • 1x “Made This For Shits & Giggles” | End Fold | 50 mm x 12 mm (plus folds) | Cherry Red, White and Gold sparkle
  • 1x “Make Good Shit” | Side Seam | 34 mm x 17 mm (includes side seam) | Royal Blue, Lolly Pink
  • 1x “This was a Glorious Shit Show” | Centre fold | 24 mm x 26 mm | Light Purple, Navy Blue

Bonus digital poster gift included | Scan the QR Code inside the box to receive a free KATM Original Digital Poster Download.