• Zealana Kauri Fingering Yarn

    Zealana | Kauri Fingering

    NZ$15.00 inc GST
    15 variations

    Resilient, silky, and made with all natural fibres, Zealana Kauri Fingering yarn is very soft and beautiful to work with. It’s also one of the only yarns in the world made from fine New Zealand merino, mulberry silk, and brushtail possum. And did we mention it is machine washable?!?

  • Zealana Kauri Worsted

    Zealana | Kauri Worsted

    NZ$17.00 inc GST
    15 variations

    Zealana Kauri is soft and warm as a summer breeze. It knits up easily and is perfect to make something you’ll want to snuggle up in. The unique blend of of fine New Zealand merino, mulberry silk, and brushtail possum is resistant to pilling, machine washable and shows stitch definition very well.

  • Kidsilk Lace yarn by Hedgehog Fibres

    Hedgehog Fibres | Kidsilk Lace

    NZ$53.00 inc GST
    2 variations

    Kidsilk Lace is astounding. This fibre of pure silk core wrapped in soft fuzzy mohair halo is the ultimate lace yarn. Combine with other Hedgehog Fibres as a carry-along yarn to add fuzziness to everything from scarves to sweaters, hold double for extra fuzzy accessories, or work as laceweight for soft, airy yet warm shawls…

  • Zealana Air Superfine (Luxuria Range)

    Zealana | Air Superfine

    NZ$26.00 inc GST
    15 variations

    You’ve found the ultimate in luxury. Zealana Air Superfine is a blend of brushtail possum down, cashmere and mulberry silk that is as soft as a unicorn’s tail. It’s springy, pill-resistant and a dream to knit with. It has fantastic drape and colour depth. And did we mention that it’s lighter and warmer than 100 % cashmere?

  • zealana air chunky

    Zealana | Air Chunky

    NZ$49.00 inc GST
    11 variations

    Zealana Air Chunky is both lighter and warmer than a 100% cashmere yarn. How do they work this magic? The yarn uses a chainette construction with gives it the chunky size without the heaviness. The blend of possum down, cashmere and mulberry silk makes it soft and light as dandelion fluff.

  • Juniper Moon | Moonshine

    Juniper Moon Farm | Moonshine

    NZ$39.00 inc GST
    18 variations

    With luxury, softness, shine, drape, Moonshine lives up to its name! The silk content makes the colors glow, while the wool and alpaca make for a soft and pliable yarn.

  • Malabrigo Mohair

    Malabrigo | Mohair

    NZ$27.00 inc GST
    14 variations

    If you are looking to add just a touch of warmth to your projects, Mohair is a great choice. If you pair the colors just right, you will find the most unique marled fabric.

  • Bonmoher in Blizzard

    Urth Yarns | Bonmoher

    NZ$36.00 inc GST
    18 variations

    A strong silk core that is spun with soft mohair, this yarn comes in an ethereal range of rich colour.