• Lykke | Umbrella Swift in Mango

    Lykke | Wooden Umbrella Swift

    NZ$89.00 inc GST

    If you are a lover of hand dyed or luxury yarn, you know that the first step is usually to have to wind it from a skein to a ball – totally worth it to prevent tangles, but takes up precious knitting time! Speed up the winding process with this wooden umbrella swift, made from…

  • Lykke | Ball Winder in mango wood

    Lykke | Wooden Ball Winder

    NZ$169.00 inc GST

    Turn your luxury and hand-dyed skeins of yarn into perfect cakes ready for knitting with this beautifully made Lykke wooden ball winder, made with sustainable sourced wood. You can make them so the yarn can be pulled from the outside or from the center. Working with a ball winder (especially when paired with a swift)…