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If you are a lover of hand dyed or luxury yarn, you know that the first step is usually to have to wind it from a skein to a ball – totally worth it to prevent tangles, but takes up precious knitting time! Speed up the winding process with this wooden umbrella swift, made from sustainably sourced wood.

How Does the Lykke Wooden Umbrella Swift Work?

If you get a hank of yarn, you need to wind it around some sort of object as the first step to turn it into a ball. An umbrella swift opens up like an umbrella. You can then unwind the skein of yarn around the swift in order to unravel it. It makes winding yarn so much easier! If you’ve been winding yarn around the back of your dining room chairs, or trying to do it on your bed, or trying to get your cat to hold out its paws to keep the yarn separated for you, this is a game-changer.

The Lykke wooden umbrella swift is an especially good tool for the job. It can handle skeins with a circumference of up to 239 centimetres. It also has an adjustable size, so if you are winding a smaller amount of yarn it can handle that too.


Each wooden umbrella swift comes with two pegs and a storage bag.

Height (without pin): 60  cm (235/8 in)
Maximum diameter: 76.2 cm (30 in)
Clamp height: 4.8 cm (17/8 in)
Clamp depth: 3.2 cm (11/4 in)

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