Kylie and the Machine | Sew-in Labels – Not For Sale

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After pouring your heart, soul, and maybe some blood and tears, into your project it is definitely Not for Sale!  While these labels were designed to coordinate with denim, they work perfectly well on lots of other projects too! Show off how proud you are of your work – you deserve to be.

This is a pack of 10 labels:

  • 5x Red Side Seam labels
  • 5x Blue Side Seam labels


  • 20mm x 15mm (including seam allowance)

Label type:

  • Side seam (this is in effect a centre fold, but with the design kept very narrow so that you can choose to have only a small amount visible and it sits neatly on an external side seam)

How to attach:

On sewn garments, you can insert into a seam allowance or facing, on either the inside or outside of your garment, or use wrapped around an edge. On knitted and crocheted garments, position as required and whip stitch around the raw edge into your fabric, or use as an edge label.