Kylie and the Machine | Sew-in Labels – Circa 2024

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KATM’s continued tradition of creating a yearly time stamp is now available for 2024! You’ll always know which year your blood, sweat and tears went into your finished projects – although hopefully no blood and just tears of happiness!

How to Use This Is The Back Labels

Endfold labels are easy to use, and are ideally sewn into the garment by top stitching each end.

About Kylie and the Machine

Kylie and the Machine have created a global name for themselves by making unique little labels that we can stitch into our me-made garments. Whether you’re crocheting, knitting, sewing, or using some other technique, their labels make a perfect finishing touch. They were established in Australia in 2017 and all of their designs are still created there.

Brand: Kylie and the Machine
Size: 11 mm x 50 mm
Style: End fold
Material: Polyester
Colours: 3x black labels with cream thread for text; 3x off-white labels with black thread for text
Contents: 6 labels in a resealable clear pouch