• Crossover Industries | Wrist Ruler - Teal

    Crossover Industries | Wrist Rulers

    NZ$37.00NZ$47.00 inc GST

    We are so pleased to introduce the class wrist ruler! Crossover Industries (a branch of I Love Handles) is famous for these clever, convenient, practical and beautiful pieces of functional jewellery. Never be without a ruler wherever you go! If you find yourself always needing to measure things when you’re on the go, this is the…

  • Crossover Industries | Stowaway Magnetic Cuff Ruler

    Crossover Industries | Stowaway Magnetic Cuff

    NZ$56.00 inc GST

    Look elegant and stylish, and avoid losing things! Stowaway is a simple and understated, but functional magnetic bracelet. This minimalist unisex design looks great on everyone, and you can use it to hold any number of things: pins, small scissors, sewing needles, and on and on. Use it as a crafting tool when you need it;…