• Anzula Nebula

    Anzula | Nebula

    NZ$45.00 inc GST
    7 variations

    Nebula is spun with a bit of stardust to give it that delightful sparkle we have come to love. Alright, so it’s actually Sparkling Stellina, but isn’t stardust more fun? This yarn is surprisingly soft, and perfect for all sort of projects. Some of our favorites are sweaters, shawls, cowls, and socks.

  • Anzula Haiku | Seabreeze

    Anzula | Haiku

    NZ$45.00 inc GST
    11 variations

    Haiku is a beautiful, versatile yarn that takes color vibrantly and has a subtle sheen. The combination of bamboo and merino makes this yarn soft and springy with a touch of drape, and a touch of nylon adds strength for long lasting socks. As a bonus, it dries very quickly, making it perfect for light weight sweaters, shawls, accessories, blankets, and socks.

  • Anzula Wash My Lace yarn

    Anzula | Wash My Lace

    NZ$45.00 inc GST
    12 variations

    Wash My Lace is spun from superwash merino (mostly from New Zealand!) to keep lace work and stitches looking crisp for years to come. It is perfect for light-weight garments, shawls, scarves, and makes beautiful lace.

  • Anzula Cloud

    Anzula | Cloud

    NZ$54.00 inc GST
    17 variations

    Cloud is something magical. Soft like a kitten in, dreamy colours, Cloud is bliss to wear and to work with. It makes wonderful blankets, baby knits, shawls, socks, lightweight sweaters, jewelry and anything else you can dream. Cloud is a 3 ply/light fingering, which gives in incredible yardage, but (depending on what effect you are…