• 250 Japanese Knitting Stitches

    Hitomi Shida | 250 Japanese Knitting Stitches

    NZ$38.00 inc GST

    250 Japanese Knitting Stitches contains the original collection of knitting stitches first published by Hitomi Shida in 1996. Copies of the original Japanese edition have been jealously coveted by knitters around the world, and now Tuttle Publishing brings you this classic in English for the first time! Hitomi Shida’s previous work, the Japanese Knitting Stitch…

  • Japanese Knitting Stitch Bible

    Hitomi Shida | Japanese Knitting Stitch Bible

    NZ$35.00 inc GST

    This renowned stitch bible is a wonderful addition to your knitting library. In the Japanese Knitting Stitch Bible, knitting guru Hitomi Shida shares some of her favourite needlework patterns. Shida’s strikingly original designs and variations on every imaginable classic stitch result in intricate patterns that form the basis for beautiful and unique knitted fashions. This is…

  • Japanese Knitting Stitches from Tokyos Kazekobo Studio

    Yoko Hatta | Japanese Knitting Stitches from Tokyo’s Kazekobo Studio

    NZ$38.00 inc GST

    This exciting new Japanese stitch dictionary is from popular designer Yoko Hatta the founder and driving force behind the Kazekobo Studio. Though this is her first book in English, her work already has an extensive following in Western countries and more than 1,000 of her designs can be seen on Ravelry.com. Hatta is one of…

  • 280 Japanese Lace Stitches

    Nihon Vogue | 280 Japanese Lace Stitches

    NZ$39.00 inc GST

    Embrace the Japanese concept of ma (negative space) with these delicate lace stitches. 280 Japanese Lace Stitches is a fun and informative resource for experienced knitters. This book is filled with a wonderful variety of beautiful, openwork stitch patterns, including leaf patterns, diamonds, circles and waves-perennial favorites that can be applied to every type of…

  • 1000 Japanese Knitting & Crochet Stitches

    Nihon Vogue | 1000 Japanese Knitting & Crochet Stitches

    NZ$59.00 inc GST

    1000 Japanese Knitting & Crochet Stitches is a treasure trove of needlecraft patterns and motifs for knitters and crocheters seeking to create and better understand the infinite variety of their craft. The classic compendium of Japanese stitches is finally available to Western audiences! The Japanese reference work is beloved by knitters the world over, and…