• Judit Gummlich | Embroidery on Knitting

    NZ$109.00 inc GST

    Pre-order – publication day is 29 September. We will ship on 28th September. This breathtakingly gorgeous book is an in-depth guide and source of inspiration for embroidering with and on wool. With this book and the 18 embroidery templates featured in it, you can turn your grandpa’s old cardigan into a statement piece or add…

  • Embroidery On Knitting

    Britt-Marie Christoffersson | Embroidery on Knitting

    NZ$33.00 inc GST

    Prepare to be amazed by textile artist and pattern designer Britt-Marie Christoffersson’s fantastic work and learn how to use embroidery to give knitted garments a new lease of life. Using just 18 simple stitches such as running stitch, couching, blanket stitch and rya knots, Britt-Marie creates over 250 patterns that will inspire you to even…